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Microbiology 9


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what are the four genera of the family Reoviridae that infect humans?
Reovirus, Rotavirus, Orbivirus, and Coltivirus
comment on the structure, physical properties, genome, and replication of reoviridae
Structure -- naked (non-enveloped), nearly spherical icosohedrons with a double protein capsid shell

Physical Properties -- resistant to ether, chloroform, and other lipid solvents, and are stable over a wide range of pH

Genome -- dsRNA with 10-12 distinct segments

Replication -- fully cytoplasmic replication without complete uncoating of virions
what is the single most important etiologic agent of severe diarrheal illness in infants and young children worldwide?
- Structure
- Genome
- Transcription / Replication
Structure: distinctive double-layered icosahedral protein capsid

Genome: dsRNA with 11 segments

Transcription and Replic: virus contains RNA-dependent RNA polymerase neede for transcr of dsRNA --> RNA
within the family reoviridae, what is unique about the groups orbivirus and coltivirus?
Orbiviruses and Coltiviruses are distinguished from other reovirus genera primarily by their transmission by arthropod vectors including ticks, mosquitos, sand flies, and midges.
Colorado Tick Fever
- clinical features
abrupt onset of fever, chills, headache, ocular pain, and myalgias without rash
What type of virus is Rubella virus?
clinical manifestations of rubella
1-5 day prodrome of low grade fever, mild constitutional symptoms and lymphadenopathy; then rash: discrete rose-pink maculopapules starting on the face with rapid spread to trunk
within infected cells where do adenoviruses replicate?
within the nucleus
adenoviruses -- what type of nucleic acid?
double-stranded linear DNA
list and desc the three structural proteins associated with adenovirus
(1) A antigen on the hexons are adenovirus group specific

(2) the B antigen on the 12 Pentons is subgroup specific

(3) the 12 fibers contain antigen C which are type specific (and have HA activity)
do adenoviruses have an envelope? are they ether resistant?
are ether resistant and have no envelope
Adeno Associated Viruses (AAV)
are defective parvoviruses which require the presence of adenovirus or herpes viruses for proper replication
small, non-enveloped, ether-resistant viruses containing circular, double-stranded DNA in a nucleocapsid with icosahedral symmetry
what are the two genera of Papovaviruses?
Papilloma viruses (e.g. HPV) and Polyoma viruses
Human Papilloma viruses (HPV)
cause benign or malignant tumors in cells of the epidermis and the mucous membranes, particularly of the oral cavity, larynx, anogenital areas or skin
which two hepatitis viruses are transmitted by the fecal-oral route?
Hepatitis A and E

the rest are transmitted via blood-to-blood (parenteral) contact
which of the hepatitis viruses can cause chronic hepatitis?
give an example of an erythrovirus
parvovirus B19
parvovirus B19 nucleic acid
small ssDNA
what is the most important clinical manifestation of parvovirus B19 to remember
Erythema infectiosum (EI) "fifth disease" -- benign rash illness ("slapped-cheek appearance")
for which erythrovirus is transient aplastic crisis one of the important clinical manifestations
parvovirus B19
is hepatitis just virally-induced?
NO, can be the result of autoimmune disease, chemical exposure, bacterial infection, or other factors
which hepatitis virus is a picornavirus?
hep A
compare the clinical onset of hep A / B / C
hepA SHORT, hep B LONG, hep C in the middle
serological diagnosis of hep A infection
detection of anti-HAV IgM in serum
acute Hep B -- what should you see?
HBsAg+, ALT+ (>50)
what should you see in a Hep B carrier
HBsAg+ at two separate bleeds over 6 months
which Hep virus is a Calicivirus?
Hep E
which Hep virus can end up in the feces?
Hep A & E
what is the "convalescent phase antibody" for Hep A?
first marker of HBV infection
indicates presence of active infection
HBeAg -- clinical significance
Indicates the HepB infection is active, that complete virions are in the blood, and that the patient is highly infectious
anti-HBs antibody
- clinical significance
indicates immunity to HBV
which Hep is a flavivirus?
Hep C
what should you see in characteristic HDV co-infection
IgM anti-HDV
which Hep is a calicivirus?
Hep E
which two Hep's is the source of virus feces?
A & E
for which Hep's can you get chronic infection?
which virus causes Acute Respiratory Illness, especially among military recruits, boarding schools, college students?
which virus can cause keratoconjunctivitis (infection of the cornea)?
Which three viruses make up Papovaviruses?
VAcuolating viruses (SV40)
do warts have a short or long incubation period?
common warts
- which papilloma type?
2 & 4
oral infections
- which papilloma type?
13 & 32
genital infections
- which papilloma type?
6 & 11
Cytopathic Effects (CPE)
- for which virus we studied was this emphasized?

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