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Chemistry chapter 1 notes


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What is matter?
Matter is anything that occupies space and has mass
What is Mass?
Mass is the measurment of the amount of matter in an object
What is Weight?
Weight is the amount of gravitational force acting on an object
How do you determine the mass of an object?
Weigh it
What is energy?
Energy is the capacity for doing work
What are examples of electricity?
What is the definition of a physical property?
Characteristics that can be observed without changing it.
What are examples of physical properties?
Color, Size, Liquid vs. Solid
What is the definition of a Chemical Property?
Changing a characteristic of matter into something new
What are examples of chemical properties?
The ability of paper to burn, or the inability for glass to burn
What is a physical change?
Changes matter undergoes but does not change the composition
What is a chemical change?
Changes matter undergoes that involves changes in the composition
What is the Scientific Model?
Explanation for observed behavior in nature
What is the Model of Matter?
explains the observed properties of gases
What is matter composed of?
Small particles
What are the small particles called that make up matter?
What is the definiton of molecules?
the smallest unit of a pure substance that has it's properties.
What is the definition of an atom?
the limit of chemical subdivision
What is the difference between monoatomic and polyatomic?
Monoatomic is when there is only one atom
Polyatomic is when there are 2 or more atoms
What is the difference between Homoatomic and Heteroatomic?
Homoatomic is when there is only one kind of atom
Heteroatomic is when there is two or more kinds of atoms
What is and element?
An element is a pure substance with homoatomic molecules
What is a compound?
A compound is a pure substance with heteroatomic molecules
What is homogeneous matter?
Has the same physical and chemical properties throughout
What is heterogeneous matter?
Does not look alike or have the same properties throughout

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