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ABeka Science 6 Vocabulary Chap 2 (b)


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Describe sepal
A leaflike structure on the underside of a flower's head
What are bracts?
Special leaves that grow at the base of some flowers, such as the poinsetta; used to attract insects to the flower
What is a pistil?
The central part of the flower that make seeds
What is an ovary?
An organ that produces an egg cell; in plants, the large region at the base of the pistil in a flower
The structure of a flower containing the undeveloped seeds
What is stamen?
The stucture of a flower that makes pollen
Describe fertilization
The uniting of a sperm cell and an egg to form a new plant or animal
What is pollination?
The transfer of pollen from a stamen to the pistil of a flower
Describe dormancy
A state of inactivity
What does germinate mean?
To sprout from a seed
What is embryo?
An early stage of development of an organism; of plants, the part of the seed containing the undeveloped plant
What is a botanist?
A scientist who studies the plant kingdom
What is hybrid?
The offspring of two different plants or animals within the same genus, but of different species
the tissue inside a plant seed that contains stored food
True or False:
Green beans, pecans, and cucumbers are fruit.
True or False:
Flowers are pollinated only by insects.
True or False:
Most seeds go through a period of dormancy before they begin to grow.
What is a developing flower?
A bud.

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