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BMR Part 1


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Pollution can result when which types of agents are introduced into the air?
Which operations causes the most pollution
Which materials in the primary municipal pollutant?
Raw or inadequately treated sewage
Which modes of transportation creates most air pollutants
Motor Vehicles
Which effect of pollution is the most serious?
Steel erodes faster than normal when exposed to what air pollutants?
Sulfur Oxides
Most pesticides fall into which category?
What is the primary pollution concern of Navy personnel?
Ship Wastes
Which terms identifies abatement?
Under the Clean Air Act, what government body has the primary responsability for assuring air quality?
Each state
Virtually all Navy ships have some type of sanitation device installed. Which type of system retains sewage on board for discharge ashore or in waters where discharging is allowed?
Collection, Holding and Transfer
When operating sanitation devices in foreign waters, Navy ships comply with which requirements?
Status of Forces Agreement
Vessels may not discharge unpulped trash within what minimum distance from the US coastline?
25 nm
The neckerchief is made from which material?
Black silk
Black acetate
What kind of knot is used to tie a neckerchief?
Square knot
What material is used to make government issue dress blue jumpers and trousers?
Wool Serge
What material is used to make government-issue dress white jumpers and trousers?
Navy twill
Which uniforms are considered working uniforms?
Dungarees, Utilities
Winter Blues
When large medals are prescribed for wear with the dress blue uniform, the uniform is known as?
Full dress
Enlisted sailors, E-6 and below, are authorized to wear command or Navy ball caps with what type of uniform?
Dungaree, Utility
Division Officers are required to inspect the uniforms of nonrated personnel at regular intervals, for what reason?
Ensure each person has the prescribe uniform
Which information is marked on uniforms?
What is the largest size stencil authorized for marking clothing?
1 inch
The first priority of the investigator of a mishap is to determine who caused the mishap?
Which investigations is an independent check based on the guidelines of a mishap investigation?
Naval Safety Center Investigation
Which time after mishap is ideal for beginning an investigation?
12 min
What evidence should you NOT try to obtain during a mishap investigation?
Sworn statements from witness
The handbook for the Conduct of Forces Afloat Safety Investigation contains a checklist for common investigation in which appendixes?
Who is the division safety officer?
Division Officer
Who is the senior member of the enlisted safety committee?
Safety Officer
Required survival training should include which topics?
Leaving assigned spaces
Fundamental first aid
Survival equipment
When performing maintenance or upkeep on equipment or machinery, you would find applicable safety precautions in which publications?
PMS Cards
Operator's manuals
Technical manuals
Which is a major concern of Navy personnel aboard small boats?
Crew safety
Passenger safety
When handling lines or taking part in underway replenishment, you must always wear what article of safety equipment?
Inherently bouyant life jacket
Besides fuel and ammo handling spaces, smoking is prohibited in which areas?
Flight deck
Hangar deck
Lifelines are used for which purposes?
To prevent personnel from being washed overboard
You should not paint scaffolding for which reasons?
Paint conceals defects
When using a hand truck to move loads on a ramp, you should move the hand truck in what way?
Pull the load up, push the load down.
Before going over the side or aloft to work, you must obtain permission from what person?
First aid has which objectives?
Save lives
Limit infection
Prevent further injury
In administering first aid, you are responsible for performing which tasks?
Stop bleeding
Maintain breathing
Prevent or treat shock
Under which circumstances should you touch an open wound with your fingers?
Only when absolutely necessary to stop severe bleeding.
A person who has stopped breathing is considered dead.
What is the purpose of artificial ventilation?
To provide a method of air exchange
When using mouth-to mouth technique for administering artificial ventilation, how often should you force air into the victims lungs?
Once every 5 seconds.

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