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AP Psychology Vocabulary Ch. 3


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Action Potential
a brief change in the neuron's electrical charge.
Absolute refractory period
the minimum length of time after an action potential during which another action potential can't begin.
Synaptic cleft
a microscopic gap between the terminal button of a neauron and the cell membrane of another neuron.
postsynaptic cleft
a voltage charge at the receptoer site on a postsynaptic cell membrane.
a process in which neurotransmitters are sponged up from the synapic cleft by the presynaptic membrane.
A chemical that mimcs the action of a neurotransmitter.
Achemical that opposes the action of a neurotransmitter.
Cerebrospinal Fluid
A solution that fills the hollow cavities o fthe brain an dcirculates around the brain and spinal cord.
Blood-Brain Barrier
A semipermiable membrane- like mechanism that stops some chemicals from passing between bloodstreams and the brain.
Electroencephalograph (EEG)
a device that monitors the electrical activity of the brain over time by means of recording electrodes attached to the suface of the scalp.
destroying a piece of the brain.
Thread like strands of DNA molecules that carry genetic information
A one celled organism formed by the union of a sperm and an egg.
DNA segments taht serve as the key functional units in heredity transmission
The ways in which a person's genotype is manifested in observable characteristics.
Family Studies
Scientific studies in which researchers assess heredity influence by examining blood relatives to see how much they resemble each other.
Twin Studies
A research design in which hereditary influence is assessed by comparing the resemblance of identical and fraternal twins with respect to a trait.
Adoption Studies
Research studies that assess hereditary influence by examining the resemblance between adopted children and both their biological and their adoptive parents.
Genetic Mapping
The process of determining the location and chemical sequence of specific genes on specific chromosomes.
Glia Cells
Cells found throughout the nervous system that provides structural support and insulation for neurons.

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