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ABeka Science 6 Vocabulary Chap 2


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A complex chemical process by which gren plants use the energy of sunlight to change water and carbon dioxide into glucose (for food)
"little mouth"; tiny pores or holes in a leaf.

(stomata is the plural form of stoma)
A pigment or coloring that gives plants their green color
A sugar produced by photosynthesis; needed by plants to carry on life processes
A waxy substance that coats the skin of a leaf
shoot system
The part of a plant that is visible above ground.
root system
The part of a plant found below ground designed to anchor the plant and absorb water and minerals
A plant having one main root going deep into the ground, such as the carrot
root cap
A layer of thick, protective cells covering the end of a growing root.
guard cells
A pair of cells that surround the stomata on a leaf.
A plant that never touches the ground; grows on another plant without taking nutrients from it; includes Spanish moss and the vanilla plant.
What is the chemical process which plants use to produce food inside their leaves?
What is the pigment that gives plants their green color?
What is the name for the holes or pores through which air enters the leaf?
What are plants that eat insects called?
What is the waxy substance that coats the skin of a leaf?
What is the food that plants need in order to live?
What is the gas made by a plant as a result of photosynthesis?
What are two types of chemicals produced by plants for nourishment?
proteins and vitamins
What are the two functions of a leaf's network of veins?
To transport liquids and to reinforce the leaf's structure
What is a small package of chlorophyll housed in a leaf cell called?
What does a vine cling to other objects with?
It's tendrils.
What is the layer of thick, protective cells covering the end of a growing root called?
root cap
a chain of sugar molecules linked together
a stem that grows along the surface of the ground; a runner
vanilla plant
a climbing tropical American orchid having open air roots that carry out photosynthesis; an epiphyte
root hairs
one of many tiny projections near the end of a root; designed to absorb water
the substance that makes up the plant's cell wall
the part of a plant that carries water and minerals to the leaves and food to the roots
What is the nonliving covering that surrounds the cell membrane of a plant?
cell wall
What is a cell membrane?
The living, outer covering that protects and surrounds a cell.
the growth of a plant in response to a condition in its environment, such as gravity, water, light, or touch
What is the growth response of a plant to a condition in its environment called?
Name the plant with hinged leaves that close shut like the jaws of a steel trap.
Venus flytrap

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