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Psychiatric Nursing


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Who founded the psychoanalytical model of nursing?
Sigmeund Freud
What is free association?
Stating thoughts as they occur
What is dream analysis used for?
To interpret psychic conflict
What is the id?
The desire for pleasure
What is the ego?
Controls your id impulses, your rational and logical thinking
What is the foundation of psychoanalysis?
Problems in adulthood can be linked with ealry childhood developmental difficulties or supressed emotions
What is dysfunction?
It occurs when a high amount of energy goes into controlling anxiety and an idividuals ability to function normally is impaired
What is the super ego?
It is your conscience, concerned with right and wrong
What is the ego defense mechanism?
Coping techniques
What is the unconscience in relation to psychoanalytic therapy?
Repressed memories, conflicts, and experiences

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