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nursing: respiratory


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site of gas exchange

Problem with gas exchange- fluid or edema
Medulla oblongata and pons(brain stem)
Controls rate and depth of

responds to changes in the concentration of O2, CO2, and hydrogen ions in arterial blood

breathe- get rid of co2

Head injuries= no breathing
Phrenic Nerves
Diaphragm extremly important

Obese- when laying flat or sitting upright ability to breathe decreases (elevate HOB)

Paralized phrenic nerves-(paralized diaphragm)
diaphragm won't lower therefore ventalator (Iron lung-past HX)
Ineffectine breathing problem
upper respiratory
ineffective gas exchange
Lower respiratory
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

2nd stimulus - low O2

Long term respiratory disease

HX of smoking
Abnormal opening in pleura space

space becomes more +

space fills with air

suck out air and insert chest tube
Normal respirations
O2 concentration in lungs

Hemoglobin 12-14gm

transfer of O2 to blood

transportation of O2 to tissues

Cells use O2
Abdominal breathing (belly breathing)
move diaphragm

Lungs fixed - barrel shaped chest
period of of no respirations

Normal periods of apnea

More than 10-12 seconds - increased CO2 - Acidic- may need ventalator

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