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Cosmoetlogy (Chemistry) Final Test


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Apply 70% alcohol to remove
Should be used to tone a brassy gold effect
contains analine deravative
a patch test
Base toner that is used to produce a natural blond is
Product that equalizes porosity and deposit a client hair is a
can replace hairs missing primary color is
products that diffuse melanin is
utilize the cortex and cause the melanine to break
How many stages of lightning
hair should never be prelightned to
If the hair is overlighted it will be
ashy or grey
factors to affect the processing time is the
natural pigment and melanine in hair
Decolorizing serves as the
contributing color
can be mixed with cream on the scalp to speed up or increase speed
activators or boosters
In order to use one or two levels of color use
oil lightners
comes in powder form and mixed with hydrogen peroxide is
on the scalp
A powder lightning that is a buffing agent not used is
double processing
on and off has a ph of
should be mixed with developers
alkaline compounds
oxidating agents used with demi-permenant is
the ph level of hydrogen peroxide is
2.5 to 4.5
higher volume devlopers gives more
causes the process to weaken is
metal bowls
shelf life of hydrogen peroxide is
3 years
hair turns darker with each application
6.5 metallic dyes
these dyes are not recommended
vegetables, metallic, and compound dyes
Base are lightnen faster because
the heat fromt the scalp
Meloncytes produce
25%-30% applied _________ than the shade
one level lighter
Red hair color will create
Predominent amount of phenomelonin
If the hair is resistant to color
Prelignten and or soften
level of color is the
lightness and darkness of hair
The population hair color is mostly
will influences the color service
Existing tones
The warmth and coolness of a color is determine by
Processed lighter than intended level is for
coarse hair
Fine hair will process
Chemical effects the what of the hair
will take longer to process
Resistant hair
Cuticle layer is smooth and ________ in resistant hair
Is considered when changing the color of the hair to it final color
Artificial pigment and existing pigment
temporary color do not require a
patch test
semi permanants do not leave a
line of demarktation
Color molecules are
smaller in size
Semi-permenant last depending on the
Semi-permenant do not ______exsiting color
lift or lighten
Permanent dyes falles into
oxidative colors
Small molecules enter the hair with
high lift tents are usually mixed with
30 to 40 volume

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