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Religion Test


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What is a virtue?
a habit of doing good formed by practice
What is honesty?
the virtue that leads us to be truthful
What is rationalization?
a desperate attempt by someone to convince himself/herself that he has done something night when in reality he has done something wrong
What is the Assumption?
mary was taken body and soul into heaven by gods power
What is the Acension?
Jesus went to heaven by his own power
NT- highly symbolic- story between good and evil
What happens in Lukes Gospel?
Mary visits Elizabeth (cousin)
Where does the Hail Mary come from?
Lukes Gospel
What is a Magnificat
special type of prayer - canticle- that mary said
What is a canticle?
song of praise
comes from the greek word 'biblia'
What does 'biblia' mean?
means books NOT book, greek for bible
How many books are in the Bible?
Catholic- 73 books
Books in the Bible are called...
The Scriptures
Muslims scripture is called ...
the Koran
What is a testament?
covenant- promise, bond between God and humans
Old Testament
Hebrew Scriptures
New Testament
Chirstian Scriptures
Old Testament has ... books
Catholic- 46
New Testament has ... books
Catholic- 27
The New Testament is about ...
live and teachings of Jesus Christ
What does inspired mean?
The Holy Spirit was with the Bible authors so that what they wrote is what God wanted them to write.
Is the Bible ture?
YES (not factual)
God shows us who He is by what he says and does in Scripture
Did Paul ever meet god?
What is the New Testament?
a collection of 27 books written in greek from 50-105 AD about Jesus and his teachings and how the church grew
How many Gospels are there?
How many Letter are there?
The Gospels are ...
good news
The Gospels are about..
jesus (The Jesus Story)
"biography" of Jesus is in ..
four evangelists
matthew, mark, luke, and john (3 synoptic)
Acts of the Apostels was written by ...
Acts of the Apostels is about ...
history of the church
Acts of the Apostels: who is spreading the message?
peter and paul
Acts of the Apostels is adressed to ..
Theophlius (means one who loves god)
Letters are also called..
Who wrote most of the letters?
To who were most of the Letters adressed?
individuals and communities to help early chirstians understand faith
The letters were ... of the bible
earliest writing
Letter to...
Universal Letter
James, peter, john, and jude
Revelation is the ...
story of struggel between good and evil
The Revelation is
highly symbolic and cannot be used for predicting the future
The Apocalypse
is an alternate name for the Book Of Revelations
Bid Idea of the NT is...
contains MANY KINDS OF WRITINGs - it is a guide for us- through these inspired writing God REVEALS himself to us
greek word for 'one eye'
Letters Categories
1. Letters wirtten by or acribed to Paul
2. Letters to the Hebrews
3. The "Univeral" Letters
Types of Writing in the Bible
1. parabels
2. story -narrative
3. history (acts)
4. poetry
Launguage Jesus spoke - dialect of Hebrew
Literal Interpretation
what the Bible says is exactly what happend (not the Catholic aproach)
- against 7th commandment : stealing
- violates 8th commandment: lying
attempt to deceive someone
Who are the parents of John the Baptist?
Elizabeth and Zachariah

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