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All Quiet on the Western Front 2


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At the beginning of the book, are the boys frustrated and hopeless, or are they at peace with everything?
They are at peace in the beginning
Who was the thinker of the boys?
Albert Kropp
Who was the big school/learning guy?
Who had a beard and liked women?
Who was a skinny locksmith who ate a lot?
Who was the peat-digger?
Haie Westhus
Who was the peasant who had a family?
Who was the 40-year-old leader?
Who was the hated cook?
Ginger Heinrich
Who was the schoolmaster for the boys?
What would they use as a table for skat?
A lid of a margarine tub
Why did Kemmerich die?
He was wounded in the thigh and had his leg amputated
Who wanted Kemmerich's boots after he died?
What did Paul dream about doing as a job?
What does Kantorek call the boys generation?
The Iron Youth
Why didn't Himmelstoss like the boys?
They had a sense of defiance
If they hadn't become hard people, what would have happened?
They would have gone mad in the war
What was the finest thing that came out of the war?
What did Kemmerich want to be?
Who is the one who always somehow gets food?
Why does Tjaden have a grude towards Himmelstoss?
Because Tjaden wet his bed and had a mean punishment
Who predicts the first bombardment?
In the first bombardment, Paul hides under what? What does that show?
A coffin, showing that death was protecting him
What did Mueller say he would do if peace-time came?
He would get drunk
What did Haie say he would do if peace-time came?
Care only about women
What did Detering say he would do if peace-time came?
Harvest on a farm
What is Tjadens punishment for not standing up when Himmelstoss told him to?
3 days open arrest
Does Kat keep the fun quality about him, or does it begin to slip away?
It begins to slip away
What is wrong with the recruits?
they are inexperienced and claustrophobic
All the memories they have (not related to war), are they ALL calm?
Who's ear was shot off and why?
Albert Kropp's because he was looking for a wounded soldier
The boy's group is called what?
Second Company
What does Himmelstoss become after he tries to get on good terms with the boys?
The cook - Tjaden likes him
What are the 2 things a soldier needs?
Food and rest
Why do they try to be in good humor?
So they dont go insane
What do the 3 guys bring to the 3 girls? Where do they put these things?

They put them in their boots
How many days leave does Paul get?
17 days
How many weeks of training camp does Paul have to go through after leave?
6 weeks
Who doesn't want Paul to take off his uniform?
His dad - he is proud
Why doesn't Paul want to talk about the war?
Because it might unable him to master things in the war
What did Paul used to collect?
What does Paul tell Mrs. Kemmerich about her son?
That he died instantly because of a shot to the heart
Where was Paul's home?
What does the kaiser distribute?
iron crosses
Do the boys know what the war is for?
Nope- they dont know who is right or wrong
What is the most comforting thing to Paul?
the voice of his comrades
Why does Paul kill a man?
He comes in his shell-hole
What was the name of the frenchman Paul killed? What was his career?
Gerard Duval (printer)
Where is the place that has a ton of food (the boys guard it)?
The supply dump
Why is Albert taken to the hospital the second time?
He is shot above the knee while evacuating a village
What do Albert and Paul offer the medical sergeant major so they can ride the train together?
Who is the only one to come out of the dying room?
What happened to Albert's leg?
It was amputated
What tempted Detering most about home?
The cherry blossoms
What happened to Mueller in the end?
He was shot and died - he gave the boots to Paul
Which was the really bloody summer?
Did the boys know they were going to lose the war?
How did Kat die?
He was injured on the leg...while going for help, his head was hit with a splinter and died
Does Paul have any hope in the end?
No, but he wont let the world take any more from him
When did Paul die and how?
Oct. 1918. It was the quietest day on the front, he lay face down in the dirt with a smile on his face.

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