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08 1 Samuel


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1 Samuel 1
Hannah and Samuel's birth.
1 Samuel 3
God speaks to Samuel
1 Samuel 5
Philistines get the Ark, and tumors and mice break out in their land.
1 Samuel 6
Philistines return ark to Israel, and more than 50,000 Israelites die from looking into it.
1 Samuel 7
Israel returns to the Lord, and defeats the Philistines. Samuel sets up the Ebenezer stone.
1 Samuel 8
Israel wants a king, so God chooses Saul. Samuel anoints him as king.
1 Samuel 13
War with Philistines, Saul wrongly offers the burnt offering.
1 Samuel 14
Jonathan, Saul's son, single-handedly strikes the garrison of the Philistines. He is almost put to death by Saul, for eating honey after Saul had pronounced a curse on anyone who ate food during that day.
1 Samuel 15
Saul defeats the Amalekites, but instead of destroying them utterly, he sins by saves the king and the best of the livestock to "offer to the Lord".
1 Samuel 16
David is chosen by God as the king in Saul's place.
1 Samuel 17
David and Goliath.
1 Samuel 18
David is highly esteemed in Israel, and Saul is angered and starts to seek his life.
1 Samuel 19
Saul tries to kill David several different times. Finally he tries to kill him while he is staying with Samuel, but all his messengers and eventually Saul himself end up only prophesying.
1 Samuel 20
Jonathan warns David of his father's intentions by shooting arrows into field.
1 Samuel 21
David eats consecrated bread and also pretends to be mad, to escape his enemies.
1 Samuel 24
David saves Saul's life the first time while he was sleeping in the cave.
1 Samuel 25
Samuel Dies, and David marries Abigail.
1 Samuel 26
David saves Saul's life the second time, while he is sleeping in the camp.
1 Samuel 30
David rescues his wives and family who were taken away during a raid of the Amalekites.
1 Samuel 31
Philistines kill Saul.

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