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Clerkship - Neuro Pretest questions


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classic triad for early Parkinsons?

resting tremor

no weakness
Intention/kinetic tremors are due to damage to:
the cerebellum

or spinocerebellar tracts of the spinal cord
Damage to thalamus is likely to produce a (deficiency):
sensory disturbance
nystagmus with a slow component to the left and a fast component to the right is called a
right beating nystagmus.
A downbeating nystagmus can be produced by:
a lesion at the cervicomedullary junction, such as a meningioma at the foramen magnum
Abnormal Heal-to-toe walking / Tandem gait may be because of
Cerebellar dysfunction

routine test for alcahol intoxication
(however, weakness, vertigo, etc can also contribute to it)
Anisocoria is
unequal size of the pupils
ptosis + miosis indicates which disease:
oculosympathetic palsy (Horner's syndrome)
Sympathetic nerve pathway to to the eye
hypothalamus --> down through lateral aspect of brainstem --> synapses in the intermediolateral cell column of the spinal cord --> exits the spinal cord at T1 and synapses again in the suprerior cervical ganglion --> post ganglionic fibers travel along surface of COMMON CAROTID and INTERNAL CAROTID until branches leave along the opthalmic artery to the eye

Acute Horners is often <-- carotid artery dissection
Painful Horners syndrome acutely after vigorous activity is probably
A carotid artery dissection
CT measures ___

Bone denser than blood denser than brain
In order to diagnose a possible Subarachnoid Hemorrhage you should get a?
CT or LP
A nontraumatic Subarachnoid hemorrhage is usually caused by___
nontraumatic -

rupture of aneurysm

bleeding from an AV malformation
Symptoms of nontraumatic Subarachnoid hemorrhage
sudden, severe headaches.
vomiting, neck stiffness, cessation of activity

Many pts with aneurysmal SAH have premonitory, or "Sentinal" headaches days or weeks prior
In order to diagnose an intracranial aneurysm you should get a?
Cerebral angiography
Dandy-walker syndrome - key features
enlargement of the fouth ventricle

a partial or complete absence of the cerebellar vermis

cyst formation near the internal base of the skull

often has Inc. Cranial Pressure
Arnold-Chiari 1 or 2 is associated with Spina Bifida
Inability to perform rapid alternating movements (ex. tapping) is called
alpha waves (relaxed, eyes closed) is what frequency?
Alexia without agraphia (can't read but can write)-- lesion is where?
left occipital lobe and splenium of corpus collosum
Test for peripheral neuropathy
nerve conduction study
Frequency of Absence seizures on EEG in Hz
3-Hz spike and wave pattern
CSF analysis of TB meningitis shows:
high protein
low glucose
lymphocytic pleocytosis

acid-fast bacilli in CSF
CSF analysis of Guillain-Barre shows:
markedly high protein
Xanthochromic (yellow)

normal cell count and everything else
1 month history of progressive behavioral disturbances, hallucinations, seizures, and obtundation
herpes simplex 1

RBCs and WBCs in CSF. Normal glucose. elevated protein.

often affects temporal and inferior frontal lobes (closest to mouth)
symptoms and CSF in Pseudotomor Cerebri
(AKA. Idiopathy Intracranial Hypertension)

more common in women, associated with obesity and pregnancy or hypervitaminosis

Sx. Headache, Papilledema, Blurred Vision

CSF: increased opening pressure. Everything else normal

Will not herniate with lumbar puncture despite increased ICP
moderate pleocytosis
elevated protein

Oligoclonal banding studies of the fluid would be positive

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