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Muscles of Human


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Abductor pollicis longus
Group:Abductor of forearm
action:Abducts and extends thumb at carpometacarpal joint
Origin: dorsal surface of the Ulna and middle third of posterior surface of radius and interosseous membrane between
Insertion: radial-side base of first metacarpal
Adductor magnus
Group: Adductor of Thigh
action:adducts, flexes and extends thigh at Hip
Origin:small part of inferior ramus of the pubis, inferior ramus of the ischium, outer inferior tuberosity of the ischium
Insertion: the rough line leading from the greater trochanter to the linea aspera
Adductor longus
Group: Adductor of Thigh
action:adducts and flexes thigh at Hip
origin: superior aspect of Pubis
Insertion: middle third of Linea Aspera
Adductor brevis
Group: Adductor of Thigh
action: adducts and flexes thigh at Hip
Origin: Lateral surface of inferior ramus of pubis
Insertion: Proximal portion of Linea Aspera
Biceps brachii
Long head
Short head
Group: Flexor of Forearm
Action: Flexes and supinates arm at sholder
Origin: long Head: superanglanoid tuberosity of
scapula Short Head: coracoid process of scapula
Insertion: radial tuberosity and bicipital aponeurosis of forearm
Biceps femoris
Group: Hamstring of Thigh
action: extend thigh at Hip
Origin: Long head:ischial tuberosity short Head: proximal linea aspera
Insertion: Styloid process of head of fibula. lateral collateral ligament and lateral tibial condyle
group: flexor Forearm
Action: flexes Forearm
Origin: anterior distal half of humerus
Insertion: coronoid process and tuberosity of Ulna
group: Forearm Flexor
sction: flexes forearm at elbow
Origin: lateral supracondyle of humerus
Insertion: styloid process of radius (distal)
action:Aids mastication and closure of mouth
ORigin: External maxilla and mandible to maxillary tubercle
Insertion:Decussates at modiolus of mouth (corner of mouth)
action:arm flexor/adductor
Origin:corocoid process of scapula
Insertion:mid-medial surface of humerus
action: flexes, medially rotates and abductst arm
Origin: distal anterior surface of clavicle, acromium process and spine of scapula
Insertion:Deltoid tuberosity of humerus
action: Elevates hyoid bone and depresses mandible
Origin: Anterior belly: digatric fossa on posterior surface of symphysis menti. posterior belly: base of medial aspect of mastoid process
Insertion:Fibrous loop to lesser cornu of hyoid bone
Spinalis group
Group: erector Spinae
action: Extends vertebral column, laterally flexes vertebral column to same side
Origin:Ligamentum nuchae (C7)
Insertion: Spinous process of axis
Longissimus group
action:Extends vertebral column, laterally flexes vertebral column to same side
Group: erector Spinae
Origin: Spinous process of upper lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae
Insertion: Spinous process of upper thoraic
Iliocostalis group
Group: erector Spinae
action: Extends vertebral column, laterally flexes column to same side
Origin:Lumbodorsal Facia, angle of upper ribs
Insertion: Angle of last 7 ribs, tranverse process of lower vertebrae
Extensor carpi radialis longus & brevis
Action:Extend and abduct hand at wrist joint
Origin:Lateral supracondyle ridge of humerus
Insertion:Base of 2nd metacarpal

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