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Immunology lecture 01


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What are the two major components of the immune system?
Innate and adaptive
All cell types involved in the innate and adaptive immune responses are part of what stem cell pool?
Name the three major cell types derived from the myeloid stem cell pool
1. Polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN's, polys, neutrophils)
2. Macrophages
3. Dendritic cells
What is the major cell type derived from the lymphoid stem cell pool?
Natural killer cells (NK cells)
What expresses the CD 4 marker
Helper T cells
What cells contain the CD 8 marker
Cytotoxic T cells
Where is the CD 3 marker found
All T cells
Name two antigen presenting cells of the myeloid lineage
Dendritic cells and macrophages
Humoral immunity involves what three classes of cells?
B cells, T helper cells, and APCs
Cell-mediated immunity involves what two classes of cells?
Cytotoxic T cells and macrophages
What are the central lymphoid organs
Bone marrow and the thymus
Peripheral (secondary) lymphoid organs
Systemic: Spleen and lymph nodes
Mucosal: External mucosa (skin) and Internal mucosa (digestive tract)
Cells of the innate immune system
Three from myeloid (PMNs, macrophages, dendritic cells)
One from lymphoid (natural killer cells)
Cells of the adaptive immune system
APCs (macrophages and dendritic cells)
Lymphoid lineage (T cells and B cells)

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