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Chapter 18 - Endocrine System


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arenal cortex
outer section of each adrenal gland
adrenal medulla
inner section of each gland
endorcine glands in lower abdomen; repsonsibel for egg production and estrogen and progesterone secretion
endorcine gland behind stomach; islet cells secrete hormones from pancreas
parathyroid gland
four small endocrine glands; posterior side of thyroid gland
pituitary gland (hypophysis)
endocrine gladn at base of brain; has two lobes, anterior and posterior
glands enclosed in scrotal sac of male; responsible for sperm production and testosterone secretion
epinephrine; increases heart rate and blood pressure
adenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)
proudced by anteiror lobe of pituitary gland; adrenocroticotropin; stimulates adreanl cortex
produced by adrenal cortex; increases sodium reabsorption
male hormone; testosterone is example
antidiuretic hormone (ADH)
secreted by pituitary gland; ADH (vasopressin)increases reabsorption of water by kidney
produced by the thyroid gland; calcitonin lowers blodo calcium
produced by the adrenal cortex; increases blood sugar
estrogen (female hormone) produced by ovaries
estrogen (female hormone) produced by ovaries
famel hormone produced by ovaries
follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
produced by anteior lobe of pituitary gland; stimulates homrone secretion and egg production by ovariesf and sperm production by testes
hormone produced by alpha islet cells of pancreas; increases blood sugar by conversion of glycogen (starch) to glucose
growth hormone (GH)
somatotropin; stimulates grwoth of bones and tissues
lowers blood sugar by transport and conversion of glucose to glycogen (starch)
luteinizing hormone (LH)
produced by ant. lobe of pit.; stimulates ovulation in females and tesosterone secretion in males
produced by adrenal medulla; increases heart rate and blood pressure
oxytocin (OT)
secreted by posteior lobe of pit. gland; stimulates contraction of uterus during labor and childbirth
parathormone (PTH)
increases blood calcium
produced by ovaries; prepares uterus for pregnancy
prolactin (PRL)
produced by anterior lobe of pit. gland; promoted milk sectretion
somatotropin (STH)
produced by ant. lobe of pit. gland; called growth homrone
male hormone; produced by testes
thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
ant. lobe of pit.; acts of thyroid gladn to promote its fucntioning; also called thyrotropin
thyroxine (T4)
p. thryoid gland; tetraiodothyronine; increases metabolism in cells
triiodothyronine (t3)
p. thyroid gland; icnreases metabolism in cells
secrted by post. lobe of pit.;called antidiuretic hormone

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