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Chemistry 3


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A substance that is made up of only one type of atom is called an _______.
Two or more substances physically combined form a _______.
_______ is the process by which gas becomes a liquid.
_______ is the process by which a liquid becomes a gas.
The _______ liquid is its resistance to flow.
Viscosity. Liquids with a great deal of viscosity are very resistant to flow.
_______ is the process by which a solid turns directly into a gas.
_______ have definite shape and definite volume.
_______ is the process by which a solid turns into a liquid.
_______ is the process by which a gas turns directly to a solid.
Deposition. When water vapor "freezes" onto a cold surface, deposition is taking place.
_______ is the process by which a liquid becomes a solid.
True solids are said to possess _______ structure.
_______ properties depend upon the size of the sample.
_______ is a property of metals which allows them to be hammered into thin sheets.
_______ properties can only be observed by carrying out a chemical reaction.
Chemical. To know if something is flammable, we must try to burn it.
_______ properties don't depend on the size of the sample.
_______ properties can be observed without carrying out a chemical reaction.
Physical. You can see a metal is shiny without trying to carry out a chemical reaction on it.
_______ changes produce new substances, with new properties.
The Law of _______ of Mass states that matter cannot be created or destroyed.
_______ is the process of a solid changing directly to a gas, without passing through the liquid phase.
Sublimation.Dry ice is called "dry" because it never melts into the liquid phase.
Melting is an example of a change-of-_______ operation.
_______ changes do not result in the production of new substances.
Physical. If I cut a wooden board in two pieces, both pieces are still made of wood.
_______ energy is the energy required to get a chemical reaction started.
_______ reactions result in products at a higher energy level.
Endothermic. Endothermic reactions take energy in, which allows the products to end up with more potential energy than the initial reactants.
_______ is defined as the ability to do work.
_______ enerygy is the energy of matter in motion.
The _______ of an object is the amount of space that it takes up.
The _______ of an object is the amount of matter it contains.
We find the mass of an object with an instrument called a _______.
The volume of a liquid can be measured in a _______ cylinder.
The term _______ refers to how close together a set of measurement are to each other.
An _______ measurement is close to the "true" or accepted value.
The number 40 shows ____ significant digit(s).
One. In the number 40, 4 is significant, because it is a nonzero digit. The 0 is only a place holder and is not significant.
The number 602 shows ____ significant digit(s).
Three. In the number 602, the 6 and the 2 are significant, because they are nonzero digits. The 0 is also significant because it is between two significant digits.
The number 0.000043 show ____ significant digit(s).
Two. The number 0.000043 shows two significant digits: the 4 and the 3. All the zeros are placeholders. A zero must be to the right of both a decimal place and a significant digit to be significant.
An _______ is an atom that has gained or lost one or more electrons.
A _______ is a neutrally charged subatomic particle found in the nucleus.
The _______ number of an atome is equal to the number of protons it has.
The _______ number of an atom is equal to the total number of protons and neutrons in its nucleus.
Atoms of the same element with differing masses are called _______.
How many quantum numbers are used to describe each electron ?
Which quantum number indicates the sublevel that an electron is found in ?
The second.
How many sublevels would the energy level represented by n = 4 be broken up into ?
How many orbitals does a p sublevel contain ?
How many total electrons can the second energy level hold ?
How many sublevels does the second energy level contain ?

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