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BMR chap 2


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The three sources that contain the basic disciplinary laws for the US NAvy are?
a. US Navy Regulations
b. Standard Organization and Regulations of the US Navy.
c. Uniform Code of Military Justice
One of the most important characteristics of a good sailor is?
a sense of moral responsibility.
To succeed in your work in the Navy, you should value and take part in what?
The Code of Conduct was established to govern what?
situations where sailors were POW's.
How many articles are in the Code of Conduct?
Under article V, the only information you are allowed to give is?
name, rank, service number, and Date of birth.
In the Navy, military police are known as the?
shore patrol
Shore Patrol personnel are identified how?
armbands bearing the letters SP.
When military police are from different armed forces and combined to form one unit, they are known as?
Armed Forces Police Detachment (AFPD)
What are the primary duties of the shore patrol?
a. render assistance to military personnel ashore.
b. maintain goor order and discipline among military personnel.
c. report conditions or practices that appear prejudicial to the welfare of military personnel.
What is used to help sailors work as a unit?
motivation and correction through reward and punishment.
The purpose of discipline in the military is to?
bring about an efficient military organization
What is the theory of punishment is used by the Navy?
The two things a recipient of navy punishment should remember are ?
a. punishment is a result of their behavior
b. they won't be punished again in they learn to conform to Navy's standard of conduct.
What chapter of the Navy regs deals with your responsibility and authority while carrying out orders?
Chap 10
What chapter of the Navy regs deals with your rights and responsibilities?
chap 11
Who is responsible for making sure that the navy Regs conform to the current needs of the Dept of the Navy?
Chief of Naval Operations
Who approves new Navy Regs and changes to Navy Regs?
Secretary of the Navy issues and the President approves.
The instructions found in te OPNAVINST provide guidance and regulations for?
the duties and responsibilities for all personnel within a unit or organization.
The purpose for developing and signing into law the Uniform Code of Military Juctice was to?
standardize legal procedure and discipline throughout all branches of service.
The UCMJ was signed into law when?
31 May 1951
Article 137 of the UCMJ states that cretain articles of the Code must be explained carefully to every enlisted person when?
at the time of entrance or no later then 6 days later, 6 months on active duty, and every reenlistment
Three types of courts-martial are?
a. summary
b. special
c. general

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