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06 Joshua


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Joshua 1  
Joshua replaces Moses, and takes up command.  
Joshua 2  
Joshua spies out Canaan the second time. Rehab.  
Joshua 3  
Crossing of the Jordan  
Joshua 5  
Circumcision, Passover, manna ends.  
Joshua 6  
Joshua 7  
Defeat at Ai caused by Achan.  
Joshua 8  
Victory over Ai  
Joshua 9  
Deceived by the Gibeonites  
Joshua 10  
Victory over Amorites. Stones fell from heaven, and the sun stood still.  
Joshua 11  
Summary of all the territory conquered and unconquered in Canaan.  
Joshua 13  
Boundaries and Settlements.  
Joshua 22  
Building of the alter of reminder, which was misunderstood by Israel  
Joshua 24  
Renewal of the Covenant, Joshua and Eleazar Die  

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