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04 Numbers


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Numbers 1  
Organization of the people and priests throughout the camp. Census of Israel taken.  
Numbers 4  
Ministry of the Levites  
Numbers 5  
Sanctification of the people. Nazirite Vow.  
Numbers 7  
Worship. Israel gives Donations, Levites are Consecrated, and the Passover is Celebrated.  
Numbers 9  
The Cloud  
Numbers 10  
Silver trumpets and departure from mount Sinai  
Numbers 11  
Complaining of the people and Moses. God sends quail and plagues.  
Numbers 12  
Miriam and Aaron rebel.  
Numbers 16  
Korah Rebels  
Numbers 17  
Confirmation of Priest-Aaron’s rod buds.  
Numbers 18  
Portion of the priests allotted, tithes, etc...  
Numbers 19  
Red Heifer  
Numbers 20  
Moses’s sin of striking the rock. Miriam and Aaron die.  
Numbers 21  
Bronze Serpent. Victory over the Amorites, Bashan, Canaanites.  
Numbers 22  
Balaam and Balak  
Numbers 25  
Israel sins with the Moabites, God sends the plague, and Phinehas stops it.  
Numbers 26  
Second Census and Dividing of the Land  
Numbers 27  
Moses is set aside, and Joshua is appointed.  
Numbers 28  
Sacrifices, offerings, Vows.  
Numbers 31  
Victory and destruction of Midean.  
Numbers 33  
Division of Land and conquering of its inhabitants.  
Numbers 35  
Special cities for Levites and for refuge.  

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