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02 Exodus


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Exodus 1
The oppression of Israel.
Exodus 2
Preparation of Moses
Exodus 5
Moses confronts Pharaoh with miracles and plagues.
Exodus 12
The Passover
Exodus 14
Israel is escapes from Egypt. Pharaoh's pursuit and the Red Sea.
Exodus 15
Israel rejoices in their deliverance. Waters of Meriba.
Exodus 16
Exodus 17
The first striking of the rock for water. The battle with Amelek, in which Moses's arms were supported so that he could hold up his staff.
Exodus 18
Jethro, Moses's father in law, instructs him regarding the governing of the people.
Exodus 19
Mount Sinai and the ten commandments.
Exodus 21
A bunch of social and moral regulations.
Exodus 24
The tabernacle.
Exodus 28
The priests-garments, consecration, and offerings.
Exodus 30
Alter of incense, bronze laver, Anointing oil, and Incense
Exodus 31
Instructions for building the tabernacle. Tablets are presented.
Exodus 32
The Golden Calf. God plans to destroy Israel, but Moses intercedes.
Exodus 34
Stone tablets are made again. Moses speaks with God, and his face shines.
Exodus 35
Israel brings many offerings for the building of the tabernacle.
Exodus 36
Israel builds the tabernacle and all its utensils.
Exodus 39
The Tabernacle is erected, and God fills it with his glory.

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