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Anatomy - musculoskeletal system


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immovable joints, example suture joints
slightly moveable joint
example symphysis, between vertebrae
most moveable joints, example synovial joint
Name three types of joints
fibrous, cartilaginous, synovial
Fibrous joint definition
joint connected by fibrous ligaments only
What is the difference between ligament and tendon
Ligament connects two bones, tendon connects bone and muscle
Name 3 types of fibrous joint
suture joint, gomphoses, syndesmoses
Describe suture joint
type of fibrous joint that connects flat bones of the skull in a tooth like manner
what kind of joint in terms of mobility is suture joint
Describe gomphoses
type of fibrous joint that anchors teeth in sockets
apposed bones connected by fibrous membrane, amphiarthroses, radia/ulna, tibia/fibula
2 types of cartilaginous joint
synchondroses and symphyses
temporary type of cartilaginous joint seen at growth plate, made of hyaline cartilage, replaced by bone
covered by hyaline cartilage, slightly moveable, ex - pubic symphysis, intervertebral
Characteristics of synovial joint
diarthroses, hyaline cartilage, joint capsule, synovial lining, capsular ligament, may have disk, fatpad in many, intra articular ligaments in some, freely moveable
Name types of articular ligaments
capsular, extracapsular, intra articular
Capsular ligament
thickening of articular capsule, inside joint
extracapsular ligament
outside and distinct from capsule
Intra articular ligament
appear to be within synovial membrane but actually outside joint cavity
example - acl/pcl
Name 6 types of synovial joints
pivot, ball and socket, condyloid, hinge, plain, saddle
Plane syn joint
allows gliding and sliding, uniaxial, between fingers
Hinge syn joint
allows flexion and extension, uniaxial
ex - elbow, knee
Pivot joint
allows rotation. like shaking head
example atlantoaxial joint
Condyloid joint
allows flexion, extension, abduction, adduction and circumduction, no rotation, biaxial, example wrist, finger movement
Saddle joint
saddle like heads allows rotation in two planes, biaxial example carpometacarpal joint of the thumb
Ball and socket
allows most movement in many axes, hip
Joints blood supply
Joints are relatively poorly supplied with blood vessels. In general, the blood supply comes from collateral branches of larger vessels. Many joints are surrounded by systems of anastomoses that allow blood flow around the joint regardless of the position of the limb
Joints nerve supply
highly innervated, capsule especially, nerves supplying joint also supply muscle moving that joint and skin covering joint

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