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44 Acts


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Acts 1
Post-Resurrection Ministry of Jesus, ASCENSION, Appointment of an Apostle.
Acts 2
PENTECOST - Coming of the Holy Spirit, First sermon of Peter during which 3000 were saved.
Acts 3
Healing of the LAME MAN who asked for silver at the BEAUTIFUL GATE. Peter's SECOND sermon.
Acts 4
PETER & JOHN JAILED. Power of the Holy Spirit displayed as well as generosity between believers.
Acts 5
ANANIAS & SAPPHIRA. Mighty miracles are performed. Apostles imprisoned and miraculously released. GAMALIEL's Counsel.
Acts 6
DEACONS appointed
Acts 7
STEPHEN's address and martyrdom.
Acts 8
SAUL persecutes the Church. PHILIP preaches in Samaria. Conversion of ETHIOPIAN EUNUCH.
Acts 9
SAUL'S CONVERSION, and start of preaching in Damascus. Peter's ministry in Lydia, DORCAS
Acts 10
Peter with CORNELIUS and the great sheet dream. GENTILES CONVERTED through Peter's preaching, and speaking in tongues.
Acts 11
Peter defends his ministry. New name: CHRISTIANS, Church at Antioch.
Acts 12
Herod kills JAMES. Peter imprisoned and miraculously escapes. Death of HEROD.
Acts 13
Barnabas and Paul sent on FIRST MISSIONARY JOURNEY to Cyprus, Antioch, Iconium.
Acts 14
Paul stoned and left for dead. Lame man healed. Paul and Barnabas thought to be gods.
Acts 15
COUNCIL AT JERUSALEM regarding Gentiles keeping the law. James speaks. Start of SECOND MISSIONARY JOURNEY, with contention over JOHN MARK.
Acts 16
Paul goes to Macedonia, LYDIA is converted. Spirit of divination is cast out from girl. Paul and Silas Imprisoned and released through EARTHQUAKE. PHILIPPIAN JAILER converted.
Acts 17
Paul goes to Thessalonica and Berea. Paul at Athens gives his SERMON ON MARS HILL - 'to the unknown god.'
Acts 18
Paul stays in Corinth 1.5 years with Aquila and Priscilla. THIRD MISSIONARY JOURNEY. Apollos teaches boldly; is instructed further by A&P.
Acts 19
Paul at EPHESUS performs miracles. DEMETRIUS causes uproar.
Acts 20
EUTYCHUS falls from the window while Paul preached. Paul's FAREWELL to Ephesus elders.
Acts 21
PAUL goes to Jerusalem and is ARRESTED.
Acts 22
Paul's defense before the MOB IN JERUSALEM. He a Roman citizen!
Acts 23
Paul's defense before the SANHEDRIN. Jews scheme to kill him, but the info leadked out.
Acts 24
Paul is tried before FELIX.
Acts 25
Paul before FESTUS. King Agrippa's curiosity aroused and Paul comes before Him as well.
Acts 26
Paul is tried before AGRIPPA, who is 'almost persuaded.
Acts 27
Paul's in SHIPWRECK on way to Rome.
Acts 28
Paul arrives in MALTA where Paul is bitten by the viper and heals many, then on to ROME.

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