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Night (Elie Wiesel)


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Where was Elie's hometown?
How many sisters did he have?
3 - Hilda, Bei, & Tzipora
How did Moshe the Beadle escape the Germans?
He was taken for dead
What did Madame Schachter keep seeing on the train?
What was the reception center for Auschwitz?
How old were Elie and his dad when they arrived at Auschwitz? How old did they say they were?
Elie- 15
dad- 50

They said Elie was 18 and his dad was 40
What was the prayer for the dead?
the Kaddish
What were people who worked in crematories called?
What were the only things prisoners were allowed to have?
their shoes and belts
What phrase was over the Auschwitz door?
Work is liberty!
How did Elie save his gold crown from the dentist?
He faked sick, then the dentist was jailed
Who did Elie give is gold crown to & why?
Franek (the foreman) because his dad couldn't walk in step
Why was Elie whipped 25 times?
He walked in on Idek making out w/ a girl on the job
What was a pipel?
A child with a beautiful & refined face
What is Rosh Hashanah?
The last day of the accursed year
What is Yom Kippur?
The day of Atonement, but Elie didn't fast
What is a musulman?
A weak prisoner
At selections, what did the prisoners do to look better?
What was Elie's inheritance?
A spoon & a knife
Why did Elie get a foot surgery at Buna?
His foot had swelled from the cold
Did the people at the Buna hospital get freed by the Russians?
How many miles did they run from Buna to Gleiwitz?
42 miles
Who played the violin for the dying men and himself (who was dying also)
What was Elie's dad's name?
Who was Meir Katz
A gardener who was getting weaker. He was in charge of a wagen to Buchenwald
Why would no one feed Chlomo?
He was ill, and people thought it was a waste
Was Elie with Chlomo when he died?
yes- an officer beat Chlomo when he was yelling Elie's name, and then he died. Elie had decided to be an invalid that day
When did the first american tank stand at the gates of Buchenwald?
April 5th
After they were freed, what did everyone think of?
food, not revenge
When Elie was food poisoned, & looked in the mirror, what did he see?
His dad's corpse staring back at him
Where did the train and wagon go to and from?
Train: from transylvania to Auschwitz

Wagon: from Gleiwitz to Buchenwald

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