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physio cells and tissues


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what is a cell
basic functional unit of most living organisms
how many difft types of cells in human body
diff between cytology and cell biology
cytology - anatomy of cell. cell bio = physiology of cell.
what's a zygote
fertilized ovum (egg)
does each cell have different dna?
no, exactly the same. during differentiation, only select genes are activated depending on it's intended function.
cell as medieval walled city
wall = plasmalemma. gates = protein. ruler (internal and intercellular)= DNA. foreign invaders = pathogens. food & supplies = external environment.
cells are surrounded by _________, which is used for _________
ECF (dilute salt solution;) transmit nutrients, wastes, chemical communications
cell divided into 3 main components:
cell membrane, nucleus and cytoplasm
cytoplam fluid portion; cytoplam structures
cytosol; organelles
functions of plasmalemma
separate internal from ecf, gateway and barrier, guarded wall
what's the cytosol made of
dissolved nutrients, proteins, ions, wastes, insoluble inclusions (glycogen granules and lipid droplets)
2 groups of nonmembranous organelles that are in direct contact C cytosol
RNA/protein and insoluble chon fibers
RNA/protein organelles: ribosomes
small dense granules that MAKE chon per DNA's directions. fixed on outside of ER or free (somtimes clustered as pollyribosomes)
which cells have the most ribosomes
those that make CHON to be exported (ex: enzymes)
what's a vault
newly discovered organelle (RNA/chon) in every cell C nuclues (eukaryotic)
organelles made of chon fibers: 3 sizes
(1) MICROfilaments. (2) INTERMED filaments, combine to make thick filaments in muscle (3) MICRO-TUBULES
5 functions of cytoskeleton
cell shape, stabilize organelles, intracellular xport, connect cells into tissues, cellnmovement
what are motor chons
chons that allow movement within cell and cell as a whole using ATP
what's a centrosome
center-body, microtubule assembly area, contains 2 centrioles
what's a centriole
cylindrical bundle, 27 microtubules (9 triplets), direct DNA strand movement for cell division
what's a cilia
like self moving brush bristles on cell surface made of microtubules.

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