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Health Flash Cards Summer 2006


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what are two reasons that overdose is most probable?
1. First time use
2. If one relapses
What happens in the spinal cord?
1.carries messages from the brain to the body
2. carries messages from the body to the brain
What drugs are legal?
1.over the counter drugs
2.tobacco (18 years old)
3.alcohol (21 years old)
4. medicine with perscription
What are the types of addiction?
1. physical
2. mental/psychological
What happens in the cerebellum?
regulates large movements
What topics did students present?
1.Dextromethorphan (DXM)
2.Drug induced Psychosis
4. Addiction
What are the effects of steroids?
1.increased aggression
2.increased testasterone (testicles can shrink possilbe risk for infertility)
What are some effects of Dextromethorphan?
3.sudden death (snorting)
What are the risks of using opiates?
1. unconciousness (overdose)
2. forget to breath (overdose)
3. heart stops (overdose)
4. HIV
5. Hepatitus (B+C)
What are some effects of drug induced psychosis?
1. confused thinking
2. false beliefs
3. changed feelings
4. changed behavior
what are the risks of steroids?
2.damaged liver
What are the effects of hallucinogens?
1.perception changes
3.inabillity to move
4.increased blood pressure
What are the effects of opiates?
1. relaxation
2. pain reliefe (medically and recreation)
3. euphoria
How are opiates administered?
1. pill
2. snort
3. inject
How are hallucinogens administered?
typically eaten or contact
What are some side effects of morphine?
1. less sensation of emotional response to pain
2. lethargy
3. drowsiness
what is a schedule I drug?
1. no medical use in U.S.
2. high abuse potential
What is the instrumental stage of addiction?
1. drug is part of daily life
2. regular use
3.using for a specific reason
what happens in the cortex?
2. concisousness
3. sense of body
4. values/right or wrong
What are neurotansmitters?
chemical indicators that send information form one neuron to another
What is the social stage of addiction?
1.use is more predictable
2.person still feels normal
what happens in the mid brain?
1. processing of emotional response
2. contains reward pathway
3. addiction occurs
what happens in the visual cortex?
1. makes sense of what is occuring
2. emotional response to what is seen
3. repersentation of the world
what happens in the brain stem (primitive brian)?
1. regulates breathing and heart beat (unconcious thought)
What types of drugs are illegal?
1. medication without perscription
2. schedule I drugs
what is a schedule II drug?
1. limited medical use
2. high abuse potential
what is the experimental stage of addiction?
2. random
3. unpredictable
what is the compulsive stage of addiction?
1. addictive
2. habitual use
3. not using to feel initial first use feeling of drug
3. not social
what is a schedule III drug?
1. medical use
2. potential for abuse
What is a schedule V drug?
(over the counter)
1. low potential for addiction
2. can be used as treatment in the U.S.
What is the order of stages of addiction?
1. experimental
2. social
3. instrumental
4. compulsive
what is a schedule IV drug?
1. medical use
2.moderate abuse
what are the effects of stimulants?
1. increased energy
2. increased heart rate
3. increased anxiety
4. increased paranoia
5. increased blood pressure

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