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Chapter 17 Evidence Custody- MAA Manual


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What is evidence?
Anything that tends to prove or disprove a fact in issue either directly or by interference. Can be physical or testimonial.
Physical Evidence is broken down into what 3 catagories?
1) Movable Evidence- Can be transported from crime scene/other location.

2) Fixed or immovable Evidence- Cannot be removed or transported. Ex: Wall, telephone pole, etc.

3) Fragile Evidence- If special care is not taken to preserve evidence, it could deteriorate to point where it is no longer of evidentiary value.
How do you properly mark evidence that is capable of being marked?
Use initials of collector and military date/time. Markings should not destroy any latent characteristics, reduce function, or devalue it.
How do you mark evidence that cannot be marked as normal?
Place the item into a secure container, mark the container and attach an evidence tag.
What is the form number for an Evidence Custody Document (ECD)?
OPNAV Form 5527/22
How many copies of the Evidence Custody Document are made?
4- 1)Original and 3)copies
How is the last/3rd copy used?
The 3rd copy is used as a receipt when evidence is obtained from an individual.
How is the orignal and other 2 copies used?
The original and 2 copies/evidence are turned over to the Evidence Custodian who then maintains the original and first copy. The second copy is returned to the Patrolman for an ICR enclosure.
How are the evidence tags attached to each item?
A tag must be attached to each separate item. If the item is collected as a single unit (ex: toolbox with tools) one tag will suffice.
What are the forms for the a) Evidence Card and b) Evidence sticker?
a)OPNAV 5527/17A b)OPNAV 5527 17B
What is the form for the Evidence Log?
OPNAV Form 5527/24
Who maintains the Evidence Log?
The Evidence Custodian
What items are required to be on the evidence log?
1) Log Number (Julian date-year-sequential log number)
2)Date and time received by the evidence custodian
3)Security force member submitting the evidence
4)Subject title (OFFENSE-UCMJ article)
5)Evidence Description
6)Stowage Location
7)Temporary transactions
8)Permanent disposition
How long is the evidence log and all supporting documentation kept?
5 years from the last date of entry

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