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Italian Artist Part 2


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Leone Alberti
Rucellai Palace. Florence Wrote Treatise about Brunelleschi
Gentile da Fabriano
Leader in painting International Gothic style. Painted Adoration of the Magi.
New leader in painting "new Realism style. Painted Holy Trinity w/ scientific perspective.
Father Angelico
Studied w/Masaccio. Used Oil Painting
Father Filippo Lippi
Studied w/Masaccio. Used Oil Painting
Painted Battles San Romano. Rendered subject with forshortening. International Gothic Style.
Painted St Lucia. used very bright colors with light affects
Andrea del Castagno
Painted Last Supper and David on Leather. Creates feeling of movement.
Piero della Francesca
Painted Legend of true cross. New realism anc beginning of modern art style of painting is authentic.
Luca della Polaivolo
Sculptor created the resurrection. White clay on blue background.
Desidero da Settignano
Known for his rendering of children in paintings
Antonio del Pollaivolo
Engraving Ten men naked. Sculpture Hercules and Antaeus.
Andrea del Verrocchio
Teacher to Leonardo da Vinci. Sculpture Doubting Thomas

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