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Italian Artist


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Nicola Pisano
Pulpit at Baptistery, Pisa
Giovanni Pisano
Son of Nicola Pulpit at Cathedral of Pisa. Nativity scene similar to fathers but dwells on landscape and animals.
Arnolfo Di Cambio
Student of Nicol Pisano who designed the Florence Cathedral.
Cimabue Di Bondoni
Florence artist who painted Madona Enthroned. Tempera on Panel
Giatto Di Bondone
Siena Italy. Taught by Cimabue. Innovative artist using light and perpesctive. Lamentation. Christ entering Jerusalem. Proto Renassaince
Duccio Di Buoninsegna
Painter from Siena Italy. Maesta Death of Virgin. 1st time figures in room. Madonna Enthroned. Neo Bysantine Style
Simone Martini
Painted Annunciation. Good lines, shows emotions. Flamboyant Gothic style
Pietro Lorenzetti
Birth of virgin Tempera on panel in Cathedral of Siena.
Ambrogio Larenzetti
Painted Good goverment in the Country. This is a good display of landscape painting.
Francesco Traini
Triumph of Death. Fresco Camposanto, Pisa
Filippo Brunelleschi
Architecture with New program about one point perpesctive. Designed dome on Florence Cathedral
Used new realism in his sculpures. Did St George. Feast of Herod features one point perpesctive.
Baptistry door of Sacrifice of Isaac. Showed gothic and realism together.
Dacopo Della Quercia
San Petronio, Bologna. Creation of Adam Expulsion
Michelozzo di Bartolommeo
Architecture designed Medic Riccardi Palace.

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