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RQB Study Questions


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What is the DEPper to referral ratio?
15 to 1
What is a passing grade on the DLAB?
What score range is required to retest on the NAPT?
What is a passing score on the NAPT retest?
What is our Training Instruction?
1500.4H CNRC/ PQS 1136.25 CNRC/ NRD 1300.1
What is the form 1133/51?
When must a lead be dispo'd?
Within 72 hours, but as soon as possible (24 hours)
When must a lead be maintained in your tickler?
4 months
What is a 5305 form?
Referral Recognition Form
What is the 1130.8G?
The Recruiting Manual
By when must a DAR be submitted for an attrite?
By the 15th of the previous month
What is the Navy Recruiting District Chain of Command?
Zone Sup

What does ERPMS stand for?
What are the 5 parts of the ERPMS?
Station Planner
Station Applicant Log
Nuclear Applicant Log
What does SMART stand for?
Analysis and
What is the Smart Board comprised of?
1. Territorial Map
2. DOD Overlay
3. Goal Recap Sheet
4. DEP Status Board
5. School Folders
What are the 5 modes of prospecting?
1. Telephone
2. Referrals
3. Advertising
4. Mail outs
5. PDCing
On the Territorial Map, what is the Red Star? Blue Star? Green Star? Gold Star? Silver Star?
1. Red Star- Navy Recruiting Station
2. Blue Star- High School
3. Green Star- 2 yr College
4. Gold Star- 4 yr College
5. Silver Star- VOTEC
How many DEP contacts are required each month?
Minimum 5
3 by phone, 1 DEP meeting, 1 face to face or mentoring
(first mentoring contact within one week of 72 hr INDOC)
Wat is contained in a standard 11S kit?
SF-86 (EPSQ)
DD Form 1966
Illicit Behavior Screening
Enlisted Statement of Understanding
MEPCom Form 680-3A-E
Medical Screening (2807-2)
What is this form?

DD Form 368
Request for Conditional Release
What is this form?

DD Form 369?
Police Record Check
What is this form?

DD Form 370
Request for Reference
What is this form?

DD Form 372
Birth Verification
What is this form?

NAVCRUIT 11333/53
Enlisted Statement of Understanding
What is this form?

NAVCRUIT 1133/65
Illicit Behavior Screening
What is the purpose of SMART?
To identify where the target market and target market centers are located
What is the purpose of ERPMS?
Provides production personnel with an effective plan and evaluation of recruiting activities necessary to achieve goals
An intervie that has been conducted in the last 12 months and is re-interviewd is counted as what?
A Carryover
What is the purpose of DEP Leadership?
To motivate, train, and prepare recruits mentally and physically for RTC and follow-up assignments
How and when must a 72 hour Indoctrination be conducted?
Within 72 hours of DEP in but not the same day. Parents, DEPper, RinC, Recruiter present, usually at DEPpers house in Dress Uniform.
How often do you contact parents?
Once a month until boot camp graduation.
How long does a DEPper have to complete his/her PQS?
6 months
When is a DEP recertification done?
Every time you see the DEPper and at least 30 and 7 days prior to shipping.
How can a DEPper get advanced?
Complete PQS
-1 NUC (E-2)
-2 Non NUC's(E-2)
-2 NUC's (E-3)
-4 Non NUC's (E-3)
How man recruit contacts are required at RTC?
At least 3, document on the DEPpers R-Tools Record
Why would an applicant need a confirmation test?
When an applicant scores 20 or more points higher on ASVAB retest.
What is a SOAR?
School of Area Responsibility
What documents are needed to write an HP-3?
1. High School Transcripts
2. (3) DD Form 370's & ref on letter head
3. Coded by ED Spec
4. PRC's (state and local)
What is the Education code for a High School Senior? Junior? and an applicant with 15 semester hours?
1. HS Senior = 11S
2. Junior = 10M
3 15 Sem = "8"
What are the requirements for an 11S to enlist?
1. 11S must have 70% of required credits or
2. 22 quarter credits
How can an applicant without a High School Diploma join an not be considered an HP-3?
1. Have 15 semester hours of colloge
2. 675 clock hours of VOTECH training from accredited institution
3. 22 quarter hours
What is the requirements for an HP3?
1. Must score 50+ on ASVAB
2. Must complete PQS before boot camp
3. Must test on PQS and make E2
4. Be in DEP for 90 days
What is the education code of an applicant that completed High School and received a diploma through adult studies?
WHo do you contact if you want to do a mass mail out to all of your High School Seniors?
Leads Department or Lead Tracking Supervisor
What is our primary market?
1. 17-21 year old males
2. (secondary) 22-29 yr old males
What is the minimum ASVAB score required to take the Advanced Placement Test?
Can a DEPper retake the ASVAB while in DEP to change rates?
What are the scores and requirements to retake the Nuclear test?
90 day waiting period, successfully completed a math course and score a minimum 55 NFQT on the retest.
What are the 5 main purposes of the Recruiter Development Board?
1. Sales ability
2. Prospecting ability
3. Progress toward RQS qualification
4. Adapting to recruiting systems
5. Comprehension of recruiting systems
When is a recruiter required to attend a RDB?
During his/her fourth month on production.
What is the purpose/goal of "Professional Selling Skills"?
To make informed, mutually beneficial decisions.
What are the parts of a Sale?

1. Propose an agenda
2. State the value to the customer
3. Check for acceptance
What are the parts of a Sale?

1. Use open and closed questions to explore the customers needs
2. Circumstances
3. Needs
What are the parts of a Sale?

1. Acknowledge the need
2. Describe relevant features and benefits
3. Check for acceptance
What are the parts of a Sale?

1. Review previously accepted benefits
2. Propose next steps for you and the customer
3. Check for accpetance
What are the steps in overcoming Customer Indifference?
1. Acknowledge the customer's point of view
2. Request permission to probe
3. Explore the customer's circumstances for Opportunities & Effects
4. Confirm the existence of the need
What is the first step in resolving customer concerns?
Probe to understand the concern
How do you resolve skepticism?
1. Acknowledge the concern
2. Offer relevant proof
3. Check for acceptance
How do you resolve a misunderstanding?
1. Confirm the need behind the concern
2. Support the need
How do you resolve a drawback?
1. Acknowledge the concern
2. Refocus on the bigger picture
3. Outweigh with previously accepted benefits
4. Check for acceptance

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