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HISTORY 1600-1757


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After Queen Elizabeth I died, who inheirited the throne of England? What year did he took the throne?
her brother, the Scottish King James I, 1602
King James I was had a very close friend _____ and this man was selling ______ to help James I get money.
Duke of Buckingham, nobility
What did James do to appeal to the ppl? What are the years of those event(s)?
grants a charter to send ppl to the "new world" >Jamestown 1607
translated the bible, king's version 1609-1613
King James I died in what year and left what? to whom? how was it related to the king? what year?
england and scotland's throne, Charles I , son, 1624.
In 1625 Charles I did what? What did this force parliament to do? how did this effect their relationship?
declared war to spain, force parliament to raise taxes to support the war, negative relationship
Parliament plots to do what to Charles i companions? What important figure dies in what year and what was england's reaction to the death?
plots to get rid of Charles' influences, ie. friends (arrest them) some get killed. "uncle" buckingham dies 1634
What did Charles do in 1637 to appeal to English citizens since they were so religious-based ppl? What was Scotland's reaction? What deal did Charles made w/ parliament due to the scotts?
tried to convert scotland to the anglican church.

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