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Respiratory Questions


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In what portion of the respiratory system does the vital gas exchange take place.
The covering of the lungs is called
Visceral pleura
This is a disease of newborns characterized by progressive underaeration of the lungs and a granular appearance
Hyaline membrane disease
This is a hereditary disease in which thick mucous is secreted by all the exocrine glands.
Cystic fibrosis
A necrotic area of pulmonary parenchyma containing purulent or puslike material is called
Lung abscess
What radiographic procedure is often required to confirm the diagnosis of bronchiectasis when the results of routine chest radiographs are inconclusive
Flattening of the domes of the diaphragm, increased AP diameter of the chest, and increased lucency of the retrosternal air space are suggestive of
The three most common pneumoconioses are
An abnormal vascular connunication between a pulmonary artery and a pulmonary vein is termed a
Pulmonary arteriovenous fistula
What medical emergency has occurred when air continues to eneter the pleural space and cannot escape, leading to complete collapse of a lung and shift of the heart and medialstinal structures
tension pneumothorax
Pus in the pleural space is claled
The valsalva maneuver can cause the heart and major blood vessels to appear
Describe the pulmonary circulation in the lungs
Low pressure low resistance
Describe the bronchai circulation of the lungs
High pressure systemic
oxygenated blood is supplied to lung tissue
The lining of the thoracic cavity is termed
parietal pleura
A lung inflammation caused by bacteria or viruses is called
Name the 2 common types of pulmonary mycoses
What medical term is used to describe the entry of air into the pleural space
An increased volume of air in the lungs is seen in
Inhalation of irritating dusts leading to chronic inflammation and pulmonary fibrosis is called
A malignant pleural neoplasm that resusts from asbestosis is
The trapping of bacteria in the pulmonary circulatin that occurs in patients with a history of IV drug use is
septic embolism
Reduced air volume within a lung leading to collapse is
Blunt or penetrating trauma to the chest can produce >>>>>>>>which appears as streaks of air that outline muscles of the thorax and sometimes the neck
subcutaneous emphysema
chest positions that are sometimes used to demonstrate a pneumothorax that are different from the routine CXR positions
Lateral decub
What position is helpful to demonstrate very small pleural effusions
lateral decub
Air collecting behind the sternum and dissecting up into the soft tissues of the neck is called
mediastinal emphysema
An accumulation of fluid in the pleural space, sometimes caused by heart failure or pulmonary embolus

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