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DigitalVideo Training


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What is DigitalVideo?’s digital video download service.
What is the purpose of DigitalVideo?
Makes hundreds of television shows, movies, sporting events, documentaries, etc. available in digital format for purchase through
What are the 2 components of DigitalVideo?
The digitalvideo website.
The client media player.
What software is needed for DigitalVideo viewing?
The DigitalVideo player is needed to watch DigitalVideo downloads.
Where can customers download the DigitalVideo player?
The DigitalVideo player can be downloaded from the website.
Can customers rent or purchase movies and shows?
Yes, they can do both.
What is a user license, when talking about digital downloads?
A user license pertains to how many copies of a movie one customer is allowed to have.
How many user licenses are allowed for each movie a customer purchases?
2 licenses per movie/dvd per customer
Where are the 2 places digital downloads are stored?
In the Media Library
In the DigitalVideo media player
Do customers need to order DigitalVideos from the computer they want to watch it on?
No. Customers can order a DigitalVideo from anywhere you can log into your account and shop.

If they have the DigitalVideo player installed on another computer, they can have the download sent to that computer remotely.
Can customers watch DigitalVideos from on a Macintosh or iPod?
No. DigitalVideo downloads are not compatible with Apple products.
Can customers download more than one DigitalVideo at a time?
No, you can only download one file at a time to a single computer. If you purchase more than one DigitalVideo to be downloaded to a single computer, the downloads are queued up and sent in the order in which they were purchased.
Can customers watch a digitalvideo while it downloads?
Yes. Amazon has a download feature that allows customers to watch videos while it downloads.
Can customers watch DigitalVideo from on their TVs?
You can watch DigitalVideo on a television if it is connected a computer that has the digital media player and the video you wish to watch downloaded.
Can customers make a DVD from their DigitalVideo downloads?
Any DVDs that customers burn with DigitalVideo files will not be readable by a DVD player. Digital downloads can only be viewed using the Amazon DigitalVideo player.

However, customers can store your download files on a DVD or other computer storage device for the purpose of backup or managing your hard drive space.
What does it mean to "rent" a DigitalVideo?
Access to view the file is limited by a 1-day rental agreement. After you rent and download a DigitalVideo to your computer, you will have 30 days in which to begin viewing the video. After you begin playing a video, because it’s a 1-day rental, you will have 24 hours to complete viewing it. After these expiration times, the video will automatically be deleted from your computer and Your Media Library.
What if a customer losses access to a computer or the computer crashes. Do they lose the digitalvideo file?
No. DigitalVideo purchases are stored in every customer's Media Library, accessible through Your Account on Therefore, customers can always re-download a video from the Media Library.
Can I return a DigitalVideo after I purchase it?
No, DigitalVideo products are not returnable once purchased.
What payment methods are accepted for digital downloads?
Debit Card or Credit Card

Pay directly from your bank account, checks, gift certificates, or promotional certificates are not accepted for DigitalVideo orders.
What is the recommended Internet connection for DigitalVideos?
Broadband connection.
What is the minimum operating system requirement for DigitalVideo?
Windows XP Professional or Home
What is the minimum computer hardward requirement for DigitalVideo?
A PC with at least 128MB of available memory (512MB is recommended) with at least 90MB of free disk space for downloads (5GB is recommended).
What does it mean to "purchase" a digitalvideo?
If a customer purchases a DigitalVideo, their rights to view the file do not expire.

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