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lab 3


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voltage difference b/w inside andoutside of neuronal membrane
types of neuronal potentials
what causes potentials
differnetial dist of ions on either side of neuronal membrane
extracellular recording
measure volt change along outisde of cell
intracellular recoridng
measures volt difference b/w inside and outside of cell membrane
measure electrical current (ion flow) thru single ion channels in neuronal membrane
optical imaging
direct visualization of voltage diff cross cell membrane, provides sptail and temporal res of membrane potential
steps of single AP
inhibitory hyperpolarization
sub-threshold depolarization
threshold depolarization
differential amplifier
determines and magnifies the difference b/w the two recording electrodes
effect of changing polarity
SA: peak and trough flip

CAP: no effect
effect of changing amp
SA: amp increase as electrical stimulus increases

CAP: increase but there is a max
effect of changing freq
SA: increase # of SA

CAP: increase freq of CAP but there is max determined by abs. refractory period
effect of changing duration
SA: increase amt of time after electrical charge passes thru A before reaching B

CAP: no effect if stimulated at max amp; if not at max amp then amp may increase

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