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Huck Finn


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The Adventures of Huck Finn was first published in what year?
Huck Finn is best describe as what type of novel?
A social satire
How much money to Huck and Tom Sawyer each receive when they found the money the robber hid in the cave?
Why does Huck\'s pa return?
Because he wants Huck\'s money
Why does Jim run away from Miss Watson?
Jim realizes she wants to sell him into slavery
Traveling down the river, what does Huck talk to Jim about?
King Solomon Different Language
Tom Sawyer and the other boys form a band of?
When Huck escapes to Jackson Island who does he discover is there?
In Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain comments on the issue of racism. How does he feel about racism?
He sarcastically denounces it.
What does the river symbolize?
What 4 things does the river provide?
food transportation money goods
Describe Jim\'s character?
He is very superstitious
Who narrates (is telling) the story?
Where does Huck hide the money he steals back from the Duke and King?
In Peter Wilks coffin
During the course of the novel, describe the roles of Jim
1. runaway slave 2. freeman 3. Huck\'s friend
What is the main conflict of the novel?
person vs self (Huck is internally struggling with himself and his views of society
Who does Huck begin to fall in love with?
Mary Jane Wilks
Why are Jim and Huck trying to reach the town of Cairo?
So Jim can take a steamship up the Ohio river to the free states
What two family\'s are fueding?
The Grangerfords and Shepherdsons
What happens to Buck?
He is killed by the Shepherdson family
What does Colonel Sherburn do?
He shoots Boggs because he won\'t calm down

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