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SECNAVINST 5100.13D Tobacco Policy


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Who is a minor for tobacco?
Anyone under the age of 18.
Does tobacco use include smokeless tobacco?
Does tobacco use and ETS exposure have an adverse impact upon health and readiness?
Does tobacco use adversely affect night vision?
What rules apply to smoking in individual living quarters ashore?
Smoking is permitted
in individually assigned family and bachelor living quarters
(BQs), and in Navy Lodge and USMC Temporary Lodging Facility rooms designated for smoking, except when these individual housing units are served by a common heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) system. In these instances, commanding officers (CO) must designate sufficient nonsmoking quarters for nonsmoking members to prevent involuntary exposure to ETS.
Smoking is not permitted in common spaces of individual living quarters.
Is smokeless tobacco a safe alternative to smoking?
Is the use of smokeless tobacco permitted while on watch?
Is the use of smokeless tobacco permitted in classes?
Where is the use of smokeless tobacco not permitted?
The use of smokeless tobacco is prohibited during briefings, meetings, classes, formations, inspections, and while on watch.
In what type of container should tobacco spit be held?
Tobacco spit should be held in containers with sealing lids.
Why should tobacco spit be held in containers with sealing lids?
To prevent odor
and accidental spills.

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