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General vocabulary for ESL students


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EX:the boat was found adrift off the Barbadian coast a month ago.
(V) floating on the water without being tied to anything or controlled by anyone.
The capital of Barbados
ex:Coastguards brought the 20ft (6m) unmarked boat into port at Bridgetown after the gruesome discovery was made by a local fisherman in April.
(ADJ)involving or describing death or injury in a very unpleasant way
ex:Barbados police have said the cause of the deaths was starvation and dehydration
(n)feeling weak or ill because you have lost a lot of water from your body.
ex:he told the BBC's Network Africa programme that strong Atlantic currents had probably diverted the boat and that DNA tests would be needed to identify the men
(n)a strong movement of water in one direction
(v)to make something move or travel in a different direction.
ex:Evidence on the boat, and calls to the Barbadian authorities from anxious relatives as far afield as Senegal, Spain and Portugal, have helped police and forensic experts to piece together details of the men's fatal journey and how they en
adj worried because you think something bad might happen.
far afield
adj far away, especially from where you live or are staying
forensic experts
adj relating to the use of scientific methods to solve crimes and to find out who committed them
to piece together details
phrasal verb:
to learn the truth about something by considering all the separate bits of information you have
adj causing someone to die
The intended route
an ...... TARGET, VICTIM etc is the one that an action is aimed at or trying to reach
ex:Reports in El Pais suggest the tow line had been hacked with a machete.
(v)cut in a rough way
(n)a large knife with a long wide blade, used as a weapon or tool
ex:Thousands of would-be migrants attempt to make the hazardous sea crossing from Africa to the Canary Islands or Spanish mainland each year.
hoping or trying to do something

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