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7ACC Final Review


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What phase of matter has a definite shape and volume?
a Solid
What phase of matter has an indefinite shape and indefinite volume?
a Gas
What phase of matter has an indefinite shape and a definite volume?
a Liquid
A phase change of liquid to solid is called?
A phase change from solid to liquid is called?
A phase change from solid to gas is called?
A phase change from gas to liquid is called?
Two or more substances mixed togeher, but not chemically combined.
What happens to the heat energy of the molecules when a liquid becomes a solid?
Heat energy is released.
The distance between molecules in a solid as compared to a gas are
Closer together.
What phase of matter has an indefinite shape & volume?
a Gas
A phase change from liquid to solid is called?
A mixture is described as
2 or more substances mixed together, but not chemically combined.
A compound is described as
2 or more substances chemically combined. The new substance has new physical and chemical properties.
When water turns to ice, what happens to the heat energy of the molecules?
The heat energy is released.
When a phase change occurs from a gas to a solid, what happens to the space between the molecules?
The molecules get closer together.
What do you get when you divide the mass of an object by its volume?
Physical properties of a substance would include
Chemical properties of a substance would include
How the substance reacts with another substance.
1.rust formation
The amount of water displaced by a sample will tell you the
Volume of the sample
How will liquids of varied densities be arranged in a container?
From most dense to least dense, the most dense on the bottom.
What is the metric units of length?
Meter, centimeters, milli meters
Electrons are arranged around a nucleus in paths called?
Energy levels
How are the elements arranged on the peridic table?
According to their atomic number.
What can't be broken down into a simpler form & has only one kind of atom?
an Element
How many elements make up 1 water molecule? H20?
What is the chemical symbol for oxygen?
What is the chemical for nitrogen?
What is the chemical symbol sodium?
What is the chemical symbol for helium?
What is the symbol for carbon?
What is the chemical symbol for chlorine?
How many atoms are in a molecule of H4SO4?
Nine,4 H,1 S,4 Oxygen
What bonds form between metals and nonmetals?
Ionic bonds
In ionic bonds, what happens to some electrons?
Electrons are transferred.
What type of bonds form between two nonmetals?
Covalent bonds
In covalent bonds, what happens to some electrons?
Electrons are shared
What happens to the properties of substances when chemically combined?
New properties are observed.
What do #1 and #2 represent?
1. atoms
2. chemical bonds
What can happen to the energy involved in a chemical change?
It is either released or obsorbed.
What's on the right side of a chemical equation?
What's on the left side of the arrow in a chemical equation?
Experiment that includes a sample without the variable.
A controlled experiment
What is the purpose for a control in an experiment?
A control is used as a comparison.
A substance that changes the rate of a chemical reaction.
What can change the rate of a chemical reaction?
surface area,concentration,temp.,pH
What effect does temperature have on reaction rate?
As temp. increases the rate of reaction increases.
A substance with a pH of 3 is an
A substance with a pH of 10 is a
A substance with a pH of 7 is considered to be
What can separate the parts of a mixture?
allowing it to settle
Which of Newton's Laws applies when rowing a boat?
Newton's Third Law -(action/reaction)
Unequal forces will cause a red wagon to move in what direction?
In the direction of the larger force.
The slope of a line on a distance/time graph indicates what?
The speed of an object.
How is slope related to speed on a distance/time graph.
The larger the slope the faster the object is moving.
The force that opposes the motion of an object
What are three ways you can overcome friction?
1.adding wheels
2.adding a lubricant
3.have a smooth surface to move object on.
Describe the forces on a seasaw that's not moving & level.
They would be balanced and equal.
A train stops short,everyone lunges forward.What law applies?
Newton's 1st Law - Law of inertia.
How is gravity effected by mass?
Greater mass, greater the force of gravity on it.
How does mass effect force?
Larger the mass, larger the force .
What is the scientific definition of work?
Movement & direction of force are in the same direction.
What type of energy always involves motion?
Kinetic energy
What type of energy is determined by position?
Potential energy
When energy is transferred, the total amount
Remain the same. (Law of conservation of energy)
1.Work divided by time 2.measured in watts
What is the energy transferance when you turn on a lamp?
Electrical to Light
Which subatomic particle can change position & alter charge.
Like charges will always do this
Repell each other
Unlike charges will always do this
Attract each other
What materials make good conductors of electricity?
Rubber & plastic can prevent you from gettig an electric shock. Why?
They are good insulators.
To light a bulb,the path of electrons in the circuit must be
Complete and unbroken
1.Volts divided by amps
2.measured in ohms
Force that opposes the flow of electrons in a current
How does the position of domains determine the strenth of a magnet?
More domains facing the same direction,the stronger it is.
How is the electromagnet spectrum organized?
Longest to shortest wavelengths
How are frequency and wavelenth related?
The higher the frequency the shorter the wavelength.
The distance between two crests or two troughs
What is the measure of distance from crest or trough to rest position?
The pitch of a siren coming towards a person will
Increase due to Doppler effect
The pitch of a siren that has passed a person will
Decrease due to Doppler effect
How does density of a medium effect the speed of sound?
The greater the density the faster sound will travel through it.
Light waves that hit an object& bounce back have been
When light waves hit an object and the waves seem to remain within the object, the waves have been
Light waves that hit an object & pass through it are
What happens when we see the color blue?
All waves are being obsorbed except the blue ones.
What happens to light as it passes through different mediums?
It is refracted.

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