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9th grade final spring 2006


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What were the causes of WWI
Imperialist competition
The stockpiling of weapons
European nationalism
This persons assassination sparked WWI
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
The Selective Service Act required men to do what?
Register for military service
This country suffered the least casualties
United States
This allowed Germany to quickly take the French capital, Paris.
The Schlieffen plan
The Triple Entente included what countries?
England, France, Russia
This country withdrew from the war mainly because of a communist revolution.
The Sedition and Espionage Act that was passed by Congress during WWI allowed what?
It allowed Citizens constitional rights to be taken away
Describe the first three years of the war on the Western FronT?
Trench warfare created a stalemate
A Tennessee law that outlawed the teaching of evolution was challenged by whom?
John Scopes
In the 1920's Prohibition seemed to fail because of what?
It was difficult to enforce
President Harding
Anarchist were saying that the scandals are more proof that all forms of government should be abolished during who's administration?
Employees often accused striking workers of being Communist for what purpose?
To protect their own interests.
This scandel centered around oil-rich lands?
Tea Pot Dome
The Ku Klux Klan promoted what during the 1920's?
White supremacy
The African-Americans that moved from the South to the North to find jobs were labeled what?
The "Great Migration"
What was another term for having stricter social and moral standards for woment than for Men during the 1920's
Having a Double Standard
This man described the 1920's as the Jazz Age
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Causes of the Great Depression were...
Buying on margin
Buying goods on credit
An uneven distribution of wealth
This President tried to end the Depression by encouraging voluntary controls and actions who was he?
President Hoover
The first women appointed to the presidents cabinet was whom?
Francis Perkins
Legacies of the New Deal were..
Government support for the arts
Increased power of labor unions
A rising national debt
These New Deal agencies still exist today
Tennessee Valley Authority
Federal Deposit Insurance Coporation
Securities and Exchange Commission
Works Progress Administration is responsible for creating what?
Creating new jobs and putting people back to work.
Huey Long claimed that the new Deal policies were inadequate and proposed a social program called what?
The state most affected by the Dust Bowl was?
The purpose of the Agricultural Adjustment Act was to do what for the farming community?
It was to raise prices on farm products.
This president's wife played an important part as an advisor on domestic policy.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Who is the author of "The Grapes of Wrath". This discribed the Oklahomans fleeing the Dust Bowl
John Steinbeck
The longest and biggest impact on the American Economy from the New Deal Policies was?
Social Security Act
Stalin transformed the Soviet Union from a rural nation into a _______Power.
Industrial Power.
President Roosevelt's concern for the natural environment created this new division
Civilian Conservation Corps
Roosevelt's idea to reorganize the supreme Court failed to become law true or false?
During WWII the 1st atomic bomb was dropped on what City?
Hitler tried to break through enemy lines at this famous battle.
Battle of the Bulge
There was a loss of 1,000,000 Soviet Soldiers at the Battlf of Stalingrad but it marked what in the war?
It marked the turning point of the war.
Britain and France submitted to Hitler's demands by following what policy?
Policy of appeasement
This country signed a nonaggression pact with Germany which caused the invasion of Poland, what country was it?
The Soviet Union
The deliberate extermination of a specific group of people during Hitler's regime is called what?

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