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Adolescence and Substance Abuse


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kids who use alcohol commonly have this disorder also
Marijuana is a gateway drug to?
using crack
when is a child more vulnerable to taking drugs
during periods of, moving up a grade to a new school,puberty,family divorce
what are some indicators that a child is at risk or using?
antisocial, conduct disorder,rebelliusness,aggresiveness,alientation,isolation depression,high tolerance for deviance,poor impulse control, care less attitude
What are some family risk factors
parents substance abuse,chaotic home life,conflicts,physical/sexual abuse, poor parenting
Environmental Risk factors
peer groups
deficient neighborhoods
extreme poverty
poor school performance
How do you reach an adolescent abusing drugs
he has to be rejected by his peer group
What are some consequences to the drug abusing adolescent
academic difficulty,
health problems
fragmented relationships
suicidal thoughts,
personality disorders
Warning signs of teenage drug abuse
less time for family
not coming home on time
spending a lot of time in their room
changes in appetite
missing items
no accountability
withdrawal from responsibilities
how many signs are necessary to seriously consider drug abuse is happening
any 6 signs in any area
what are three reasons adolescents use drugs
1. coping mechanism
2.drug experience
3. peer motivation
What is a very effective tool for dealing with a adolescent in denial of drug use?
a child experiences a brain growth spurt at what age?
ages 13-16
what parts of the brain are growing fastest and what is their primary responsibility
the pre-frontal and the frontal, control our ability to pay attentiona and self regulate impulses
In the brain the "hippocampus" is growing rapidly between ages 13-16
What is this responsible for
memory,taking in new information,storing , retrieving
what drug affects the hippocampus directly
MARIjuana, affects the memory, ability to store/retrieve data, can permanently damage
what is "plasticity"
the ability to recover connections in the frontal, pre-frontal parts of the brain
does the hippocampus experience "plasticity"
What is a very effective method to aid in adolescent recovery
Strong educational "teaching" of coping skills-problem solving,feelings,drug effects,
dealing with rejection
what are some concrete ways for a counselor to build rapport with an adolescent
showing facts
reducing authority role
casual dress
investigate interests
match level of vocabulary
use humor
speak to their ego (show them you understand how they feel)
most drug abusing adolescents are stuck in which stage
ego-centric, rigid thinking
what is multi-modal counseling
# of sensory channels, be creative when working with children,drawing,physed,music,discussuons,guest speaker,outdoors
name the 3 treatment approaches
MDFT-multidimensional family therapy
contingency management
Breif strategic family therapy
what is the MDFT approach?
meeting the family, determining family norms of interaction,see where kids fit in family
What is the multisystemic approach?
-collaborating with a # of systems that interact with the child ie,shcool,probation,doctors etc
what is the contingency method approach/
- using behavioral techniques to change the way a child thinks and feels, using reinforcement and reward
What is breif strategic family therapy
"using is a result of family problem. designed to not let the kid be scapegoated.
Introduces cognitive techniques and coping skills to the family members

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