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MC chapter 16


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When the number of electrons and portons in a sample of matter are equal, the matter is:
Rubbing one substance against another causes:
a transfer of electrons.
Two positively chrged pith balls, brought close together:
repel each other
An electroscope contains two thin pieces of metal foil called:
In a cloud, the rubbing of water droplets against air molecules produces:
static electricity
A bolt of lightning is seen because:
the electrons ionize the air.
In an electric current, electrons generally flow:
from a point of excess to a point of deficiency.
An example of an insulator is:
can hold a static charge
The first steady flow of electric current by checmical means was produced by:
Two strips of different metals, placed in a liquid electrolyte, consititue:
a voltaic cell.
In a voltaic cell, an electrode that has a deficiency of electrons is called the:
A convenient, portable source of electric current is a:
dry cell
The outer casting of a dry cell is generally made of:
A source of household electric current is a:
Control of an electric circuit is provided by a:
An example of a protective device used in an electric current is a:
In general, the greatest resistance is offered by:
long, thin wires.
In a complete electrical circuit, when the current increases, the voltage:
In a series circuit, electrons:
flow along a single path.
In a series circuit containing four bulbs, when one bulb burns out:
all four bulbs go out.
In a series circuit, the sum of the voltages in each load:
is equal to the voltage at the source.
In a series circuit, as the number of loads increases:
the total resistance increases.
In a parallel circuit, a break in one branch of the circuit:
does not stop the flow of electrons in other branches.
In all branches of a parallel circuit:
the voltage across each load is the same as the voltage of the source.

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