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Mc chpt. 22


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The bending of light is known as
When a ruler is placed in a water at an oblique ange, besides appearing bent the ruler appears to be
When light enters a medium such as water or glass from the air, its speed
When light passes at an oblique angle from a medium that is less dense to a new medium that is more dense it,
bends toward the normal
As the angle of incidence of a ray is greater than the critical angle, the ray
is reflected by the surface of the medium
As the angle of incidence of a ray increases the angle of refraction
An example of total internal reflection occurs when light passes through
A lens that is thicker in the middle than at the ends is called
When light passes at an oblique angle from a medium that is less dense to a medium that is more dense it,
travels in a straight line
When parallel rays of light pass through a convex lense they are
Lenses that seperate parralel light rays are called
An image that can be projected on a screen is called
A virtual image is seen when we use a
magnifying glass
In order to produce an image that is real , inverted and smaller than the object, the object is placed
beyond 2F
When the object on a principal axis is exactly on 2F, the image is formed on a screen at a point that is
at 2F
When an object is placed at the princial focus of a convex lens, the rays emerging from the opposite side of the lens
are parallel
Compared to the object , imges produced by concave lenses are
virtual, upright, and smaller
A reflecting telescope consists of a convex lens, a plane mirror, and a
concave mirror
Eyeglasses used by nearsighted people consist of lenses that are
Of the colors of light, the color that is refracted the most when passing through a prism is
The band of colors of light, ranging from red to violet is called a
Electromagnetic waves that tan the skin are
ultraviolet waves
A transparent object is the color of the light that the object
When a beam of red light shines on a piece if blue glass, the glass apears to be
When an object reflects all light,it appears to be

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