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MC chpt. 7


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a chemical compound is represented by a
to indicate the number of atoms of an element in a compound, you use
a subscript to the right of the symbol
in the formula (NH4)2SO4 the number of atoms of sulfur present is
when using the crisscross method for writing formulas, the valence number of the nonmental
follows the symbol for the metal
in writing a formula when the valence numbers of both the metal and the nonmetal in a compound are written 1
no number is written
when writing a chemical formula, the smbol for the element with a positive valence
is written first
the formula for the compound whose formula is ZnS is named
Zinc Sulfide
The compound whose formula is Ca(OH)z is named
calcium hydroxide
The compound CO2 is best named
carbon dioxide
a chemical formula gives no info about
chemical properties
the total number of atoms present in one molecule of (NH4)2CO3 is
the total atomic mass of an element in a compound is 12. the formula mass of the compound is 100. the percentage of the element in the compound is
the formula H202 represents the compound
hydrogen peroxide
when an atom of aluminum with a valence of +3 unites to form a compound, it
donates 3 electrons

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