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Mc chpt. 21


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An object that emits light is said to be
Light is believed to be produced by the sun by
physical changes
The corpuscular theory of light was proposed by
The theory of light proposed by Christian Huygens is known as the
wave theory
When light waves interfere with each other
alternate bright and dark bands of light are produced
James Maxwell proposed that light
has electrical and magnetic properties
According to the quantum theory of light, the seperate packets of energy by which light waves are called
The theory of light most universally accepted today is the
quantum theory
Objects that block all light is said to be
An example of a transluscent substance is
frosted glass
Light travels in
straight lines
In a pinhole camera, the imge formed on the film is
The blocking of light produces
The lighter fringe of a shadow is called the
When light strikes the an opaque object it is generally
When light energy is absobred by a dark object is it is generally changed to
heat energy
A light ray that strikes a reflecting surface is said to be
an incident ray
Reflection from a rough surface is said to be
Compared to the object , the image produced by the object in a plane mirror is
the same size
If you stand at a distance of 1 meter from a mirror, your image in the mirror appears to be
1 meter behind the mirror
Light travels as a
traverse wave
The blocking of light by special filters is called
The scientist who first measured the speed of light was
The speed of light is approximately
186,000 miles per second
The darker inner part of a shadow is known as the

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