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MC 13


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A common substance that contains acetic acid is:
The property most cloesly related to acids is:
sour taste
The sour taste of lemons is due to a substance called:
citric acid
A dye used to test the acidity of a substance is:
An element common to all acids is:
When magnesium and hydrochloric acid react, they produce:
hydrogen and magnesium chloride
When an acid is dissolved in water, it usually forms:
hydrogen ions
An acid used to prepare other acids because of its higher point is:
H2SO4. Sulfuric Acid.
The acid used in the storage battery is:
H2SO4. Sulfuric Acid.
An acid used in the storage battery is:
Sulfuric acid.
An acid used to prepare other acids becacuse of its higher boiling point is:
H2SO4. Sulfuric Acid.
The acid used in the preparation of dynamite is:
HNO3. Nitric Acid.
The acidic substance in acid rain is:
sulfuric acid
Milk of magnesia is an example of:
a base
When a water solution of a base is placed on red and blue litmus paper:
The red litmus becomes blue.
When bases ionizie, they release:
Hydroxide ions.
A base used in the manufacture of soap is:
NaOH. Sodium Hydroxide.
A base used to prepare plaster and mortar is:
Ca(OH)2. Calcium Hydroxide.
A base can be prepared by the reaction between:
An active metal with water.
In general, salts:
are ionic compounds.
When dissolved in water, salts:
are electrolytes.
When salt solutions are tested with litmus paper, we find that salt solutions:
can be basic, acidic, or neutral.
In water solution, ammonium chloride produces:
a strong base
When a strong acid and a strong base are mixed together in equal mounts and tested with litmus paper:
No change occurs.
Of the following, the salt that is used to make photographic film is:
AgBr. Silver Bromide.
A salt used as the electrolyte in dry cells is:
Ammonium Chloride.
When water solutions of an acid and a base are mixed:
A salt and water are formed.

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