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MC chpt 6


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when metals react chemically they
lose electrons
When elements w/ 4 electrons int he outermost level, react chemically they
may lose, gain, or share 4 electrons
As we move from left to right across a period in the Periodic Table, metallic activity
In the Periodic Table, the element that exhibits the strongest nonmetallic properties is found
on the upper right side
In the outermost electron level of most metalloids , the number of electrons is
In any group of metals in the Periodic Table, the most active metal in the group is found
at the bottom
Potassium is more active than sodium and both metals are found in the same group. The atomic radius of potassium is
larger than that of sodium
The most active nonmetal in a group is found
at the top
The valence number of aluminum is +3 this means that, in a chemical reaction. aluminum is most likely to
give away 3 electrons
As the size of an atom of a nonmetal decreases, electrons are
attracted more easily
Of the following, the metal with that exhibits more than one valence number is
Of the following nonmetals, the element that does not exhibit more than one valence number is
In a compound FeO, iron has a valence number of
The compound FeCl3 is best named
iron (III) chloride
When an iron nail is placed in a solution of copper sulfate
the iron replaces the copper

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