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MC chpt. 5


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The tiny negativley charged particles first described by Crookes is called
The attraction of a rubbed comb for paper gives evidence that
Matter is electrical in nature
When two similarly charged objs are brought close together they
repel each other
An obj become pos charged when it
has a deficiency of electrons
The \"plum pudding\" model of the atom was proposed by
The central portion of an atom is called the
In a neutral atom, the numb of electrons is?
equal to the numb of protons
atoms of the same element that differ slightly in mass are called
the diff in the mass of atoms of the same element are attributed to diff numbs of
The particle generally not found in the nucleus of an atom is
an electron
an atom particle with a mass aprox. 1/1837 of a proton is
an electron
atomic number of an element indicates
number of protons
scientist who aranged the elements in the periodic table according to their atomic numbers is
The atomic mass of an atom is equal to the mass of the
protons and neutrons
at present, the element used as a standard for atomic mass is
When sodium metal is heated in a flame, the color of the flame becomes
the electron energy level closest to the nucleus of an atom is called the
first level
the max. number of electrons found in the first level of any atom is
in the atom 23 11Na, the number of protons is
of the following, the element that has an outermost level that is complete is
to acheive stability when it combines with chlorine, a sodium atom will
donate 1 electron
an element that has fewer than 2 electrons in the first energy level is
An element whos third energy level contains more than 8 electrons is
the element that normally has an equal number of protons and neutrons is
The symbol X- represents
an ion

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