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Geo Vocab week 6


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The name some geographers suggest should be used for the landmass of Europe and Asia.
A broad plain in eastern Europe, extending through parts of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.
European Plain
a temperate grassland, often lightly wooded, found in Europe and Asia.
Thinly scattered coniferous forests found in Europe and Asia.
The Russian word for fertile soil; meaning “Black earth”.
A resources-rich region of Russia, extending east across northern asia from the Ural mountains to the Pacific Coast.
A mountain range in Northern Eurasia and Turkey.
Caucacus Mountains
A landlocked sea between Europe and Asia, connected to the Mediterranean Sea by the Bosporus.
Black Sea
The production of goods such as steel and machinery used by other industries.
heavy industry
A landlocked salt-water sea, which lies in Northern Eurasia.
Caspian Sea

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