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Geo Vocab week 5


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A warm ocean current off south America’s northwestern coast that influences global weather patterns.
El Nino
“The 5th of May” commemorates the victory of the Mexican people over the French army at the battle of Puepla in 1862.
Cinco de Mayo
A Latin American militant dictator.
A Spanish word meaning “High Plain”. A series of Highland valleys and plateaus located in the Andes of Bolivia and Peru.
The 7 countries between Mexico (country) and South America (continent): ⬢ Belize
⬢ Guatemala
⬢ Honduras
⬢ El Salvador
⬢ Nicaragua
⬢ Costa Rica
⬢ Panama
Central America
A group of islands in the Caribbean Sea.
West Indies
A Spanish word meaning “rural” or “rustic”; a peasant in Latin America; a tenant or farm worker.
A member of an armed force that is not part of a regular army; relating to a form of warfare carried on by such an independent armed force.
A Portuguese word meaning “poor community”.
A plains region in Southeastern Venezuela.
A Spanish word describing a large commercial farm owned by a provate individual or a farming company.
A Spanish word meaning “forest” or “jungle” in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, a forested region.
A series of highland valleys and plateaus in the Andes of Ecuador.
A grasslands region in Argentina and Uruguay.
A region that includes Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies.
Middle America

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