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Health Vocabulary Chapter 27


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involves the study and practice of protecting and improving the health of people in a group or community
Public Health
includes all the government and private organizations that work with the public to prevent disease and promote positive health behaviors
Public Health System
a period of isolation imposed on people who may have been exposed to an infectious disease
an infectious disease of the small intestine that causes severe diarrhea and vomiting
groups of people who, because of age, behavior, or some other factor, are likely to contract a serious disease of disorder
High Risk Populations
medical care given to a woman during pregnancy
Prenatal Care
the study of disease among populations and the ways to prevent or control disease
the federal agency with the widest range of responsibilities for public health
Department of Health and Human Services
sets and implements national health policy, conducts medical research, promotes disease prevention, and enforces health and safety standards
Public Health Service
promotes improvements in the practice of medicine, the organization and financing of health care, and access to quality care
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
investigates and assesses risks to human health from hazardous materials
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
collects data and conducts research on nearly all types of diseases, disorders, and disabilities
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
inspects, tests, and assesses the safety of food, drugs, and a variety of consumer goods
Food and Drug Administration
funds health services and resources for underserved populations such as migrant workers, people with AIDS, and homeless people
Health Resources and Services Administration
provides comprehensive health care for Native Americans
Indian Health Service
the primary biomedical research facility of the federal government that conducts research in all areas of human health and provides grants to support medical research at institutions throughout the country
National Institutes of Health
supports programs that prevent and treat mental illness and substance abuse
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Department of Labor that identifies occupational hazards and enforces laws requiring minimum safety standards in the workplace
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
responsible for inspecting and grading meant, poultry, and other agricultural products
Department of Agriculture
protects the public from environmental hazards and enforces laws that regulate pollution and sets standards for safe exposure levels for toxic substances and radiation
Environmental Protection Agency
one of the volunteer service organizations that is sponsored by the federal government and works full time for one year in a federal, state, or private nonprofit agency
Volunteers in Service to America
provide a full range of public health services to the people in the communities they serve
Local Health Departments
standards established by the state for certain factors that affect health, such as water quality, sanitation in restaurants, and sewage treatment facilities
Health Codes
the numbers of births and deaths and the numbers and kinds of diseases within a population
Vital Statistics
provides countries in need with people trained in medicine, agriculture, water quality, engineering, and other health-related skills
World Health Organization
aids children through immunization programs, day-care and health centers, school food programs, and the training of nurses and teachers
United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
works to improve food production and distribution in developing countries
Food and Agriculture Organization
provides support for developing countries
United States Agency for International Development
wide-spread lack of food
the gradual reintroduction of fluids to someone who has suffered severe water loss
Oral Rehydration Therapy
a United States government organization that trains volunteers for public health work in developing countries
Peace Corps
the world’s largest private international public health organization that assists anywhere in the world for victims of disasters, providing medical care, food, clothing, and temporary shelter
International Committee of the Red Cross

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